Summer Smoothie! – Vegan Friendly

If you follow me on Instagram, you would know that I am obsessed with smoothies!

Smoothies are just so easy and delicious for breakfast and in my case, this is my meal post workout! Or let’s say, complete nutrition in one glass.

Presenting, top favorite smoothie recipes I love!

  1. Strawberry Smoothie: Strawberries are an excellent source of Vitamin C and K. And, who doesn’t love strawberries? I can eat them for the whole year if only they are not seasonal!

37373444_10214185494825846_4614388373195325440_n (1)


~ 10 Strawberries (Frozen)
~ 1/2 cup Almond Milk (Soy milk/Rice milk/coconut milk) – if you are not vegan then you can use dairy milk.
~Curd (Optional, if you want more thickness)
~2-3 Ice cubes
~Maple Syrup/Dates (You can also use Honey)
~Chia seeds
~Dried fruits like cranberry/blueberry (Optional)
~Almond Butter (Optional – You can use Peanut butter/Cashew butter)


~Blend frozen strawberries, milk, and butter together with some ice cubes
~Blend well until smooth and creamy
~Top it up with chia seeds, dried fruits, and nuts
~Pour into glass/jar and serve immediately

*You can mix two complimentary fruits (frozen) at the same time if you want. Like, Banana and strawberry.

Oh! Look at the color.

2. Mango Smoothie: The only thing I’m looking forward to about summers is Mangoes!


I usually prepare smoothies on the go. So, I prefer it without yogurt with the thickness coming from Frozen Fruits (Overnight). Freeze one full mango overnight and blend it with Milk, I prefer Almond or Soy milk. Add some almonds, honey (If required). Top it up with chia seeds, dried fruits, and nuts

3. Berry Mix Smoothie: I love how we can play with fruits for a natural color. Look at this Purple color coming from Blueberries.


The method to prepare a smoothie remains the same. The only thing changing in every picture is the fruit (the color, of course :P)

I have added a fresh pack of 250 gms smoothie which I froze it overnight. You can also use frozen packets available at a cheaper price from any store. Blend it with milk (Almond/Soy) and a complimentary fruit because blueberries mostly give a tangy flavor. I used a whole banana along with it, which again was frozen. Frozen gives a thick consistency.

4. Protein Smoothie: Hello, Girls who lift! This smoothie is my favorite smoothie when I come home after a power-packed workout. This is actually a meal replacement – Say, Breakfast.


A complete meal should have a good balance of three Macros: PROTEIN, CARBS and FAT.
And enough calories to keep you full for hours. Also, healthy fats are essential for health and bodily functions and carbs provide you with sustained energy.
Introducing, Protein shake which acts as my meal replacement for breakfast.
A. Add a liquid: Water/ Coconut Water/ Milk (Dairy or Non-Dairy).
I used Soy milk.

B. Lean Protein powder: I used ISOPURE (1 Scoop).

C. HEALTHY FAT: Nut Butter, I mostly use Peanut Butter or Almond butter. Along with it some polyunsaturated fats like chia seeds and flax seeds.

D. CARBS: You can choose from – Fruits like Mango, Strawberry, blueberry
– Vegetables like spinach, cucumber, kale. I use vegetables if I am making water-based smoothie using coconut water.
– Oats: about half a cup.

🌟MIX them together for a delicious fluffy protein shake. You can replace your breakfast with this. It is so filling!

🍹My version: Mango, Chia seeds, Almond butter, protein powder and soy milk.

5. Chocolate Smoothie: There are days when you crave for chocolate and why not indulge in a healthy treat! Drink it up!


This chocolate smoothie is velvety, creamy and thick. Nothing but the best!

Add frozen banana, almond milk (Chocolate flavor) and almonds.

~ If you cannot find chocoalte flavor almond milk, replace it with 1 tbsp cocoa powder

Add a little peanut butter and there you go!

Chocolate Indulgence at its best. Top it up with chia seeds, nuts & berries, and some granola.

Until next time, Komalchawlaofficial




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