Nizami Daawat at SodaBottle Openerwala

SodaBottle Openerwala serves Parsi/Irani food and a bit of Bombay street food. I was invited at the Nizami Daawat which takes place during Ramzan (15th May to 14th June).

SBOW has a colorful ambiance with an Irani touch to it which can be seen in the decor.

Chef, Anahita Dhondy explained each dish very well and accordingly we placed our order.

We started the Daawat with refreshing summer drinks;

~Raspberry Soda: Totally in love with this Parsi Drink made from real fruit. One long sip made me happy after a long day at work.


~Sekanje Bin: Super refreshing drink made from dry plums and mint.


~Talahuwa Chicken: The name says Talahuwa but it’s totally the opposite. Light fried with all the Hyderabadi flavors, served with Masala potato and chutney.


~Veg Lukmi: Lukhmi is very similar to the samosa of Delhi with mutton stuffing if you order non-veg Lukmi or vegetable filing for veg Lukmi. We ordered the Vegetable filing which had a crispy fried outer core and soft delicious stuffing.


For the mains, we opted for Hyderabadi Biryani – Authentic flavors of Hyderabad used in preparing fluffy spicy rice cooked with chicken and caramelized onions. Served with salan and raita!

I was lured by the huge Nan Khatai Jars right in front of me where I was seated. So, I tasted the almond and Berry Khatai, was melt-in-the-mouth tender on every bite! Can somebody declare Nan Khatai as the official dessert wherever I go?!


The service was quick and hospitality was great! Looking forward to more visits!


FOOD: 4/5


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