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I keep getting a lot of DMs/emails on how to stay fit. I am no expert, but I am trying to explain everything which I follow.


Let me tell you something about my fitness journey before I get started – I was never overweight (until the age of 20, I guess). Honestly, I started putting on weight when I joined corporate life – 9 to 5 job, binge eating and no time for a workout (or, I should say, I never made an effort). It was CFA exams where my weight crossed 75kgs, I was eating anything and everything while studying. Two weeks break from work and I gained 10 kgs! Yes, last slice of pizza because I’ll start working out from Monday never happened. It was after the exams I realized nothing fits me. I was in PJs all day and then wore my fav top, dress, trouser – every god damn stuff was TIGHT. That was the time! I started making changes to my lifestyle.

I lost that baby fat working my ass off at the gym and ate absolutely clean food (No junk – Home cooked food) to shed that extra weight as per my BMI. It took me months but I never gave up! The days I was not able to make it to the gym, I did some home workout which was doable.

So, yes! Anyone and Everyone can lose weight easily. Hectic work schedules, no good gyms in the proximity, I don’t have friends at the gym are all lame excuses! If you really want to lose weight, you need to start. If not Gym then do something on your own to push yourself. If you are not working out at home even if you want to, you are just lazy!


Exercises at Home: As I said, I am no expert. You can google home workout and you’ll get a list of exercises and videos on youtube which are very helpful. Start with basic exercise and gradually increasing the pace. A simple workout of 30 minutes is just fine, to start with.
Dance. Suryanamaskar. Walk. Jog. Run. Cycle. The idea is to sweat it out!

If you think you need to buy equipment to start working out at home, you can. Invest in basics – A mat and weights are enough, to begin with. You can add Kettlebell, ankle weights or stepper later.

Right clothes: Please don’t start working out in the night suit, you will never be able to workout. Wear proper clothes even while working out at home – Sports bra, Gym tights, T-shirt and sports shoes. This is very important to feel active. And, when you’ll actually wear all this and workout at home, this will probably encourage you to go out and workout at the gym or open-air gyms.

Plan your day: Wake up early or workout late at night, whatever floats your boat. The idea is having a fixed schedule will be there on your mind all the time. Like, I have an alarm set every morning for 6am named ‘Wake up for gym’. Helps me.
Workout at a comfortable time which you can dedicate without any distractions.

The transformations not only changed me physically but made me happier mentally. The truth is, it takes time and work to lose weight and get strong. You can’t expect to go from obese to fit in some days. Never give up!

Let me know if this post was helpful and if you are planning to workout!

Let’s get started, it’s about your health.

Until next time, Love, @komalchawlaofficial

I am 5ft. 7inches and weigh 59 kgs.

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