Charcoal Mask in India – Top 5

What is the buzz about ‘Charcoal Mask’ – it takes away oil, dust and toxins from your face instantly! Apart from this, it helps in pore tightening, skin lightening and fades away the blemishes. But, we are not sure which one to pick because there are a lot of charcoal masks available already. There is a difference between peel off and dry pack, I prefer dry pack because you can just wash it away easily without bearing the pain.

Let me help you with which one you should pick:

  • Mamaearth Charcoal Pack: C3 mask with coffee, clay and charcoal play three important role in nourishing the skin – Skin lightening, tightening and reduces pigmentation. This mask is also effective ‘post-delivery’. It is loaded with minerals like magnesium, calcium and potassium to stimulate blood circulation and also have aloe vera which is very effective for acne and scars. Price: 599/- for 100ml Shop:


  • Fab India Charcoal Face Pack: Makes your skin clean and healthy, removes dirt easily from the pores. The pack dries quickly and has a good fragrance. Price: 390/- for 100ml Shop: Amazon



  • Body Shop Charcoal Purifying glow mask: Helps in deep cleansing and purifies it. The texture is light and easy to use. But, expensive for the quantity it offers. Price: 3,926/- for 75ml Shop: Amazon


  • Matra Activated Charcoal Pack: Acts as a blackhead remover and acne treatment, drawing toxins from the skin and deep-cleaning pores. Makes your skin look fresh and healthy. Price: 345/- for 100gm Shop: Amazon Untitled
  • Healthvit Activated Charcoal mask (Peel Off): This mask is a blackhead removal mask, Peeling it off causes a little pain. Hence, I prefer the dry packs over this.  Price: 350/ for 50g Shop: Healthvit


Let me know if you any other mask which I can use and add to this list!

Until next time, #komalchawlaoficial



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