‘Insta Worthy cafes in Bangalore’

Who doesn’t like clicking pictures of pretty cafes and well-presented food to make your Instagram feed look magical.

Bangalore has everything, fancy restaurants, pleasant weather and lovely locations. Bookmark this list right away for all the cafes which should be on your wish list!

  1. Café Pink Pajamas: Pastel colors, burger sliders and fries, café pink pajamas is hands down the cutest café in Bangalore. The new café in Kalyan Nagar is beautifully done with colorful décor, bright blue walls and pop culture posters on the wall.
Wearing: Only




Coming to food, this café offers pocket-friendly prices.



~Drinks: For the drinks, we started with Pink Flamingo smoothie, thick and sweet and my friend opted for Chocolate Oreo shake, creamy and delicious. Also, we had root beer which is prepared using Sassafras as the primary flavor and it’s non-alcoholic. Trust me, it was difficult to make out if it’s a non-alcoholic beer.

Beer, Non-Alcoholic
Oreo Shake
Pink Flamingo smoothie



~Burger Slider (Chicken): Grilled chicken burger sliders make a great choice! The bun was soft and chewable and the chicken patty was crunchy and juicy. Of the sides, French fries and beetroot made an amazing combination.



~Quarter slice Pizza: If you don’t want to waste food and want to try almost everything on the menu just like me! This calls for a perfect try, Quarter Slice! Ordered, Smoked chicken and Paneer pizza, topped with vegetables of your choice. It was meticulously prepared with thick cheese and zesty flavors. Loved it.

Smoked chicken
Paneer pizza

~Arrabiata Pasta: Penne pasta served in a mixed tomato sauce is one of the simplest ways to relish pasta. It was creamy and full of flavor.

  1. Phobidden Fruit: This place is amazing for a date night with soft background music. Romantic setup and great Vietnamese food! Yes, you read it right – Vietnamese Cuisine. It was the first time I tried this cuisine and the food was ‘DELICIOUS’. If this interests you, put this list for your next date night. Ordered:

~Jasmine Ice Tea:  Cold tea scented with the aroma from jasmine blossoms to make a scented tea.

Jasmine Tea

~Ben Thanth Chicken: Chicken strips marinated in soy sauce and veggies. So sumptuous I polished off the platter.


~Mekong Momos: Steamed dumplings filled with chicken. Served with tomato garlic dip. Best momos I’ve eaten so far.


  1. Big Brewsky: I had been hearing fabulous reviews of Big Brewsky of late so when I got the opportunity to visit open-air poolside bar, I was thrilled. The moment I stepped in, it was a humongous place with two floors. Started the night with beer tasters and settled for Wheat beer.
Wearing: Veromoda
Beer, more beer?

We ordered:

~Super Loaded French Fries: Crispy fried fries loaded with cheese and salsa.


~Belly Dance Pizza: Wood-fired pizza topped with caramelized onions and chicken chunks. This has a soft crust with thick cheese and zesty flavors.


So, the next time you have a craving for some wheat beer and in a mood to party, this place will never disappoint you.

  1. Third Wave Coffee Roasters: Wooden furniture, hanging lights all around and loads of coffee (Read: Insta friendly coffee). Third Wave Coffee Roasters offer great coffee, a place to relax with friends and a Wi-Fi enabled place to work.


Have a look at the coffee which we tired:

~ La Vie En Rose Coffee: My evening cappuccino topped with dried rose petals! I was knocked off my feet when the fragrance, so sweet and so intoxicating wafted into my senses.


~Affogato: It is an Italian coffee-based dessert. Prepared using a scoop of vanilla ice-cream with hot espresso.


~Chai Latte: With a flavor of chai and a goodness of coffee!


  1. Glen’s Bakehouse: Glen offers reasonably priced food & beverages, amazing coffee & espresso and a wide variety of cakes & pastries (Read: Cupcakes are to die for!). They offer a casual and relaxed atmosphere which is best enjoyed during breakfast and late night conversation over coffee. There is a lawn at the entrance and behind the main restaurant with yellow lighting and plants all around.


  1. Bak Bak Bar: ‘Bak Bak’ can never stop! A place where conversations can easily turn into approving murmurs of satisfaction on indulging in the sumptuous dishes! Don’t miss the colorful walls, huge bar in the center and lips shaped couch and make a pose for your Instagram feed.


Wearing: Zara


~Drinks: Tired some cocktails to begin with; Why so Serious?, Blue Lagoon, Gimlet.


~Exotic veg Tempura: Grilled assorted veggies marinated in soy, ginger, and vinegar. Loved it!


~ Margherita Pizza: I simply enjoy eating Margherita Pizza. Mozzarella cheese, red tomatoes, and basil.




~Cheesy Cheese Balls: Melted cheese marinated with jalapenos and zesty flavors.



Visit these places, click Insta-worthy pictures, post and do tag/#komalchawla me in those photos! Let’s see who clicks the best of pictures.

Until next time,



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