Getafix Café, Gurgaon

Cafes have always been my favorite place to hangout. The best cafes are the one which gives a homely feeling and welcomes everyone with a smile on their face. I am so happy to discover such place where I can sit for hours and eat as much as I want because they serve ‘Guilt Free Delicious Healthy Food‘.


Other than that, the pretty decor is not to be missed. Bright colorful walls, comfortable seating and witty caption on the cushions. What more one can ask for?

It was the perfect Saturday noon chilling with a friend and enjoying the quirky cafe ambience that allowed conversation and camaraderie. Perusing the menu, We ordered:

~Sunshine Smoothie Bowl: A smoothie bowl is a thicker smoothie, topped with fresh fruits and seeds. I Love them! This was prepared just right. Made with frozen in-house yogurt and topped with dry cranberry, kiwi, apples, chia and flax seeds. Protein-packed!


~House Special: Salads are a perfect way to start any luncheon. House special salad is a combination of chickpeas, black beans and assorted veggies tossed in a hummus dressing. It was fresh and Flavorful.


~Corn Crusted Chicken: Air fried chicken strips coated with cornflake served with salsa dip.


~Chicken Tikka Pizza: Wheat base in-house thin crust topped with juicy chicken tikka chunks, accompanied with caramelized onions. It was a hit.


The saying about the journey being as gratifying an experience as arriving at the destination holds true for Getafix


  • Food: 4.5/5
  • Value for Money: 4.5/5
  • Ambience: 5/5

Until next time,



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