Meraaki Kitchen, Jaipur

Meraaki Kitchen is a masterpiece, brought together by Masterchef India Finalist Neha Deepak Shah and entrepreneur Shivika Kothari.

The architecture and ambiance make it the most attractive culinary destination in Jaipur; set against contemporary yet rustic surroundings. Walking in, I was in awe of the grandeur restaurant which stands like a property in itself at civil lines, Jaipur. I opted to sit inside to avoid the sun in the open area (which can be best enjoyed in the evening).






While perusing the menu and discussing it with their staff, I was impressed to observe how well they have listed fusion food from around the world. There are no easy choices when you have to order something from the expansive menu – so I requested the staff to serve us the signatures.

~M&M Milkshake: Chocolaty, creamy and scrumptious milkshake which melts in the mouth. Every sip takes you close to heaven!

~Orange Juice: Fresh, refreshing and stimulating and I could have sipped it all day.

~Vada Pav: To get the best selection of the diverse assortment of dishes, Vada Pav was our first dish. I have devoured this in Mumbai and this was as good.

~Biryani Aranchini: Crunchy balls filled with cheese and biryani.

~Sushi: Crispy stuffed veggies wrapped in rice, garnished with cucumber, was unlike anything I’ve had.

~Tornado Fries: A whole potato on a skewer thinly sliced and deep fried. If you love masala fries then this is something you are definitely going to enjoy, like I did.

~Dimsums: The usual dimsums stuffed with cheese and vegetables.

~Burmese Curry: Crisp handmade noodles, topped with peanuts, onion, chilly oil and lemon

We also discovered no matter how full you are there’s always room for dessert. So, the meal ended on a sinfully sweet note.
~Snowball Cheesecake: One of the best desserts I have had so far. It is prepared live on your table using Mango, Chocolate and Caramel sauce along with dry fruits, fresh fruits, crushed biscuits and white chocolate.



After stuffing so much, I sipped on a cup of Green Tea!

I can say, It had the allure to pull me back whenever I visit Jaipur.

Thank You for an amazing experience! Special thanks to Aanchal for having me here.



  • Ambience: 5/5
  • Food: 5/5
  • Value for Money: 5/5

*Serves Veg

Until next time,

Love, Komalchawlaofficial



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