5 Reasons Why ‘Jodhpur’ Should be Your Weekend Getaway

I always wanted to visit Jodhpur and experience the magnificent heritage city. It was a fabulous experience throughout my stay. We took a train from Delhi in the morning at 7 am and reached Jodhpur in the evening at 6:30 pm.

Hello Jodhpur!
5 Reasons Why Jodhpur Should be Your Weekend Getaway:

1. Mehrangarh Fort:

Your trip to Jodhpur is incomplete if you don’t visit Mehrangarh Fort. It is one of the largest forts in India. Rising 120m above Jodhpur’s skyline, is one of the most magnificent forts. When you enter the Fort you will find musicians playing Folk music to give a feel of traditional Rajasthani culture. Folk music of Rajasthan undoubtedly attracts every listener. Also, there is a minimal amount of charge to enter the fort and the museum.

Mehrangarh Fort.
Architectural beauty!
Folk music inside the Fort.

As you enter the fort, you can click some pictures on the way to the entrance covering one side of the fort and relax at Palki Café which serves snacks at a decent price. Walk your way to the fort and capture some really amazing shots in around the fort to enjoy the grandness of the architecture and sea of blue houses below you.

Windows inside the fort.
Grab some snacks from Palki Café.

Blue City.

Standing at the terrace of the Fort.
Don’t forget to visit the museum which displays a wide collection of royal palanquins including costumes, painting and decorated rooms.

Royal palanquins.
2. Jaswant Thada:

It is also known as the Taj Mahal of Rajasthan which is 1 kms away from Mehrangarh Fort. This is a marble section close to the fort and is a must visit when you cover Mehrangarh Fort, located at the downhill from the Mehrangarh Fort. This is build in the shape of a temple in pure white architecture.

Entrance of Jaswant Thada Fort.
Watching birds before making it to the Jaswant Thada Fort.

Jaswant Thada Fort.



3. Street Food:

There is something about the street food of Rajasthan. For some quick snacks on your way, grab some Mirchi Vada, Pyaaz ki kachori to satisfy your craving for street food. Also, you should not miss on Ghevar and sweets when in Jodhpur.

Mirchi vada
Vada Pav
4. Shopping in Jodhpur:

Apart from the local sightseeing and delicious food. You can get antique items and silk scraf from the famous market near Clock Tower. Note, bargain a lot to grab really good deals.


5. Quick tips when in Jodhpur:

  • Start early as most tourist spots gets closed by 5 – 5:50 in the evening
  • Wear comfortable clothes and footwear as there is lot of walking involved in the fort
  • Sunglasses and Sunscreen is a must
  • Hire an Ola or Uber for the city tour or Book a cab for the whole, even better
  • Book your hotel which falls between the city
  • Best time to visit Jodhpur would be October to March

The city of Jodhpur is a popular tourist destination owing to its royal heritage. Besides forts and palaces, the cultural festivals hold a major attraction in Jodhpur. I leave Jodhpur only to come back again, to the calmness of the wind and the setting sun.

Hope you guys enjoyed the post!

Until next time,


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