A lot of people keep asking me how do I stay fit when I eat so much. This blog post is the answer for all of you.
I love eating and I cannot do without good food. At the same time, I want to make sure I look my best. I walk whenever possible. I take stairs and ditch the lift, small stuff counts. A little workout every day, at least thrice a week, helps me stay fit. Go ahead and read these 12 things that I follow to stay fit.

  1. Drink loads of Water:
    Water is the most important step. Drink as much fluid as can to stay hydrated. If you cannot drink the normal water, go for a fruit flavor. Add fresh fruits, lemon, cucumber or anything of your choice which you can drink. This will increase your consumption. Go for Detox water which helps in weight loss and clear skin. Invest infused water bottle to start with


2.Don’t Skip Breakfast: Those who skip breakfast are potentially doing more harm to their bodies than good. The answer is simple – Breakfast is ‘break the fast’ from all the hours that you spend sleeping. It is very important to start your day with a filling and healthy breakfast.

IMG_52233. Eat regular Meals: It is very important to eat regular meals to ensure the body gets the required energy. Manage your day with small portions of meal and don’t stuff yourself with one huge meal. That’s what I do. I eat at regular intervals and keeping eating healthy food throughout the day.

 *See my diet plan below*

4. Fresh Fruits & Vegetables: Nothing will benefit your body as much as fresh fruit and veggies can. I make sure on weekdays I eat clean which comprises of fresh fruits and boiled veggies.

IMG_2167[1]5. Cut down on Alcohol:
Drinking alcohol adds a lot of useless calories. If you can stop drinking alcohol completely, try replacing it with a glass of red wine. Cocktails contains a lot of sugar and extra calories. I have started avoiding fizzy drinks and cocktails and I stick to a glass of red wine.

IMG_0874[1]6. Don’t Stock junk food at Home: The first step to avoid eating junk is to stop bringing them at home. I don’t get a pack of chips when I do my grocery shopping rather I purchase Seeds or nuts instead and stock that up. So, whenever I want a snack I munch on them. There are a lot of healthy snacks which are available in the market – Roasted fox nuts, Sugar-free/Low-fat biscuits or get low-fat Hummus and baked pita.

7. Get more active: Only dieting and having the right food won’t help you shed pounds. It will help you maintain. The only way of getting those extra kilos off your body is Workout – Walk, Run, Join a fitness club, Engage in different activities like Zumba; Dance; Yoga; Aerobics. I walk whenever possible. I take stairs and ditch the lift, small stuff counts. A little workout every day, at least thrice a week, helps me stay fit.

8. Don’t let traveling derail your effort: Personal or Professional traveling and munching on food which you find easy to eat or you eat because you are in that company where you cannot avoid will definitely add on the travel weight on your body. I Don’t order healthy food whenever I travel but I make sure I use stairs to get in the hotel room, I workout for at least half an hour as most of the hotels provide the facility of the gym or do yoga if possible. Carry a pack of green tea, getting hot water is easier. I don’t want to come back from an amazing trip with added 5 kilos.


9. Drink Green Tea: The catechins in green tea help you burn fat, reduce hunger, detoxifies and helps boost immunity. I make sure I have two cups of green tea every day.



10. Sleep More:
Link to obesity is also because of lack of sleep. A human body needs at least 8 hours of sleep. Make sure you sleep on time and wake up with a good sleep which will keep you fresh throughout the day and you won’t feel cranky and skip the workout because of sleep.


11. Slow Down: Eat slowing, don’t gulp your food rather enjoy what you are eating. The more quickly you eat, the more you eat. Chew properly and slowly.

12. Cheat Meal: Get a Cheat Meal, Yes! Take one cheat day to start with and then decrease it to one cheat meal. That’s how I do! Afterall, we all deserve a piece of cheesecake for what we do!


Also, sharing my Diet Plan:

 Meal Description
7:00 am 1 glass of warm water with honey and lemon.

1 Apple (Before workout)

10:00 am Parfait or 1 bowl of upma or 1 brown bread sandwich with vegetable juice or egg white omelet with green tea or protein smoothie
12:00 am 1 cup sugar-free coffee or green tea, seeds and nuts
2:00 pm 1 bowl of brown rice with veggies or 1 bowl of vegetable salad or 1 chicken breast  with veggies
4:00 pm Fruits
7:00 pm Coconut Water
8:30 pm 1 bowl of boiled dal or Boiled egg white with salad
10:00 pm Green tea or nuts or cracker biscuit if I am hungry

Let me know if this helps!


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