The Classroom, Sector 29, Gurgaon

‘The Classroom’ is the latest addition to the buzzing Sector 29, Gurgaon restaurant hub area. This place will definitely take you down the memory lanes of your school (Fun Fact: you can consume alcohol).


The place is huge with two levels – Ground and First floor. They have a school canteen with the name of Ramu Kaka ki Canteen. Even the menu is prepared in a way like you are reading your school notebook after getting evaluated from your class teacher.


Cutting the chase and coming to the food; I absolutely loved the Palak Patta Chaat which they serve complimentary while you take your own good time to order. The chaat was sweet and tangy crispy spinach leaves topped with Tamarind chutney and curd.

Being a brewery they get you beer samples to choose from –


~White: A grainy bitter – sweet taste.

~Dark: A well-balanced mix of coffee and caramel aroma and tasted like a roasted bitter chocolate.

~Blonde: High-quality European taste.

~Triple: A sweet – bitter taste of honey and peppery flavor.

Along with the beer, I also opted for Sangria loaded with frozen fresh fruits in a cocktail mix of wine and whiskey! They also serve some fruity mocktails.



Non Veg Board: We opted for a non-veg platter which gave an ‘Oh-my-gosh’ reaction on every bite. The kebabs and tikkas had a melt-in-the-mouth texture and were so, so flavorful. Sinfully sumptuous!


The platter comprises of:

~Chicken 65: Fiery, spicy and succulent chicken pieces loaded with Punjabi masala was a clear favorite.

~Chicken Harisa: Super delicious, soft and juicy chicken marinated with mint chutney.

~Murg Malai: Juicy, tender chicken pieces were perfectly marinated with the right amount of taste.

~Chicken Cigar: Deep fried chicken cigar was filled with shredded chicken and spices.

~Maska Chicken: That’s the original tandoori chicken, tandoored in butter. Ah, delicious!

~Mutton Seekh: Soft and tender kebabs prepared using minimal oil. It tasted great with mint chutney.

Veg Board: We also opted for the veg platter. Vegetarians should definitely order this. I enjoyed eating this platter, too.


~Paneer Tikka: Soft, melts in the mouth paneer tikkas. Must Order

~Cheezy Kebab: Filled with melted cheese which melts in the mouth on every bite.

~Vegetable Cigar: Deep fried vegetable rolls filled with vegetables and spices.

~Veg Lukhmi: This is one of best veg starter I have ever had. Lukhmi is a typical mince savory or starter of the cuisine of Hyderabad. Must Try!

~Veg Arancini: Deep fried ball filled with vegetable biryani.

~Badami Broccoli: Baked broccoli prepared using curd and spices.

Club Willington Egg Kejriwal: Eggs, Cheese, and Bread.
Let me tell you the reason behind this name – Mr. Kejriwal was rumored to have this dish on an everyday basis and soon it grew in popularity.


Chicken Momos: Fresh steamed chicken dim sums served with chilli sauce.


Stuffed, with no room for dessert, the Chefs insisted that there was no way we were leaving without a spoonful of desserts: 

Tiramisu: Everyone loves Tiramisu these days, It is a popular coffee-flavored Italian custard dessert. This one was soft and full of flavor.



Chocolate Truffle:  The moist walnut chocolate pastry was sinfully sumptuous!


I am surely gonna come here more often. The Place, Food, and service were beyond amazing!

Bonus: They have their personal photographers at night. Dress up and head to ‘The Classroom’.



  • Food: 4.5/5
  • Ambiance: 5/5
  • Value for Money: 4.5/5

Until next time,






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  1. It really reminds of my school days.. feel nostalgic at every visit. Good food, good ambience, good people around.
    #cheersapp #classroom
    Harish one of the attendants : applaud for his hospitality.. Good job!

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