Where to Stay: The Himalayan – Luxury Resort & Spa, Manali [2/3]

 I took off on a long weekend to Himachal as the heat was unbearable here in Delhi and Heading up to the mountains seemed like the right choice. One of the biggest decisions involved while planning your trip is where to stay. With so many options, it gets difficult to zero down on one place. It was really simple for us and we are going to make it simpler for you for when you plan a trip to Manali. Read on to find more about the resort ‘The Himalayan’ and reasons to stay here.

The Himalayan – A unique property in the lap of nature. This castle and cottages built in the Victorian Gothic Revival style in the midst of cherry, plum and apple trees is just a few minutes’ walk from the Manali City centre. If you ever dreamt of living in a castle like a king, your search ends here.



The Facade: The lane towards The Himalayan is royal in itself and opens to the grandeur and magnificence of the castle resort. As soon as you enter this resort you will be fascinated by the Castle front facade and the experience just keeps getting better. The reception area is well decorated with antique furnishings and paintings from around the world.



Castle facade from South

The spiral staircase guides you to The Dungeon bar, 8 chambers, and the Gym. We checked into our chamber which was royal! Each chamber has a four-poster bed with floral cushions, artwork, and fireplace.  The chamber has an en-suite marble bathroom with separate bathtub & shower cubicle. All chambers offer spectacular views of the pool in the garden and the Himalyan valley beyond.  Besides these chambers, there are cottages surrounding the pool courtyard in the orchard garden area.



Food: The resort follows a farm-to-table concept where they serve fresh organic produce from their vast garden in numerous delectable dishes that they serve. The greens include and are not limited to Broccoli, Lettuce, and Parsley.


The Dungeon: The huge gothic style bar in the basement, designed thoughtfully in a rustic fashion, as cellars are meant to be. The kind of bars you have seen in famous American series “Vampire Diaries”. The Dungeon definitely reminds you of a church, but you will be forgiven for making a sin or two here, given that it is well-stocked will choicest liquor.


Board Room: This resort is not just restricted to friends, families, couples, but also extended to corporate travelers. They have a fully equipped boardroom with a library and makes for a perfect place for board meetings and brainstorming. Definitely a great place to discuss the next merger undisturbed.




Gymnasium: The Himalayan also has a gym on the premises, sufficiently equipped for getting in a got workout. Lots of light, ventilation and hardwood floor also lends the place perfect for Yoga.


The Parlour is painstakingly furnished and an ideal lounge area for quiet reflection.IMG_4578

IMG_4594Why stay at The Himalayan:

  1. Location: The Himalayan is very strategically located. Main attractions like Hadimba Temple, Old Manali, the two monasteries are a comfortable walk from the resort. This place is great for a nice quiet walk on the trails, suitable for easy to difficult hikes which is at an arm’s length from the resort.
  2. Food: At The Himalayan they do not lay a typical, boring buffet. A-la-carte dining can be enjoyed in the impressive all-wood paneled Refectory, opening out onto a spillover area. You can also enjoy your meal at the pool-side terrace, a welcome choice to soak in plenty of sunshine and breathe the lovely crisp mountain air. Should you so desire, In-room dining facility is also available with an eclectic mix – right from North Indian to Swiss to Lebanese. All dishes incorporate fresh organic produce from their own kitchen garden and orchard. Let me now tell you a bit about our Breakfast & Lunch!
  • Breakfast: We treated ourselves to breakfast at the pool-side terrace:

~Rosti: A delicious crispy on the outside and fluffy on inside Swiss style dish. Prepared using potatoes, ham, onions & cheese and Served with fried egg and grilled tomato. Definitely one of the best ways to start your day.


~Savoury Crepes: Stuffed with a choice of cheese, ham, spinach and mushroom. Filling and delicious at the same time!

~Grilled chicken sandwich: A perfect breakfast meal for two. Served with french fries and cole slaw.


~American waffles: Classic waffles served with maple syrup and melted butter.


  • Lunch: Lunch was served at the Refectory dining room

~Grilled chicken wrap: Marinated grilled chicken wrap served with sour-cream.


~Chicken Cordon Bleu: Chicken breast stuffed with ham and cheese. Served with Spaghetti. This plate is huge!


~Banoffee Pie: The homemade Banoffee pie was the winner, which was fresh and a perfect end to our meal.


  1. Rooms: Guest accommodations comprise 8 chambers in the Castle and 16 rooms in the cottages. We opted for a stay at one of the chambers which was on the second floor. We did not miss a modern-day lift, as it is a Castle after all. Each chamber offers a restful stay with breathtaking views from the window. All amenities expected from a full-service hotel are available in the chamber and others services are just a call away.




  1. Activities: Recreational facilities on offer include a swimming pool, gym, table tennis, and trampoline, besides the top-notch pool table in The Dungeon bar. Massage is also available upon request.





After spending 3 days & 2 nights at The Himalayan, I was delighted with my choice. It was one of the best trips I have had in my history of travel, beginning with the breathtaking sight of the Himalayas and the magnificent stay at the resort. This was the stuff of memories which I will cherish throughout!

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Love, #missfoodiefiesta

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