Travel Packing guide: What and How I wore in Manali [1/3]

It might not come as a surprise, but the first question while you travel is about packing. So, here is a guide on what to pack for female travellers. Too much to pack is a big problem and too little does not solve the purpose! I think that’s not the only fix! Here’s a quick look at what I wore to Manali wherein I have done some mix & match to my outfit:

~Location Courtesy: The Himalayan, Manali (Book here)

  1. Crop sweater and Denim skirt: I really like the fact how denim skirts have made a comeback last year and is really comfortable. Ah, shoes! Also, it looks really amazing with shoes. Because, remember shoes are a must while you walk in the hills.






Crop Sweater: Forever 21

Skirt: Stalkbuylove

Shoes: Westside stores

  1. Neon top with Denim Jacket: I paired neon noodle strap top with a denim jacket with black jeans and not to miss my golden shoes. We planned our day with some temple/monastery visits during the day and DJ Night at a bar. So, my outfit has to be done in a way that will go for both the occasions. I removed the denim jacket later in the night inside the bar.





Top: Dorothy Perkins

Jeans: H&M

Shoes: Streetstyle

  1. Comfy Shorts: It was a walk in the afternoon to Old Manali and the crowd is decent – mostly hippy crowd. I decide to wear a geometric print top with comfortable knee length shorts.





Shorts: Veromoda

Top: Faballey

Denim Jacket: Forever 21

  1. Quirky stuff: Chilling at the pool side for brunch got me dressed like this. I paired divider mini shorts with a top and an open quirky dress as a jacket. It was inside the resort I was staying.





Shorts: Chemistry

Jacket: Koovs

  1. Journey Clothes: I usually wear tights or track pants when I have to travel overnight or early morning with a tee. It is comfortable and the outfit is breathable.


Tights: Adidas

Tee: Forever 21

Let me know if you guys like this post!

Until next time,


– Komal


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