Birdie Num Num, Gurgaon

Apart from the super cute name, Birdie Num Num serves coastal food and an amazing variety of cocktails.
The food is good and the cocktails are beyond amazing!


Ambience: The beach club vibe and turquoise blue all around with the huge bar at the center describes the ambience of Birdie Num Num.


~The Nest: Served in a birdie nest and the drink was served in a egg shell glass. Hay infused vodka with roasted barley syrup and lime. Must Try.

~Spilt Personality: Lycée drink with gondhoraj and sugar. It can be prepared as a mocktail or as a cocktail. We opted for a mocktail.


~Love Bird: Because it was season of love and they launched a feb menu for cocktails. Tequila with rose syrup, lime and cardamon.

~I feel good: Cranberry juice infused with popcorn with casis and lime. Those, popcorns in the drink.


~Ramu Dahi toast: Sandwich prepared using vegetables and curd dressing. A great start for breakfast or brunch.

~Cafreal Paneer: The usual paneer tikka served with mint chutney and onions. Must try for Vegetarians.

~Birdie harissa grill potatoes: grilled potatoes with green mint dressing.
~Mom’s Magic Mushrooms: Grilled Mushroom goes well with every vegetarian.

~Batata Vada Pao: I am a vada pav lover and this was so good. I would highly recommend this to anyone who loves vada pav. Must try.

~Birdie’s Harissa grill: Grill chicken marinated with mint chutney. Must try!


~Telangana chilly chicken: Super duper spicy telangana chilly chicken was must try for chicken lovers and specially if you are okay with spicy food.

~Kasundi Scotched egg: Boiled eggs fried with the base of kasundi and chicken served with mustard dip.



~Royal Kolhapur Chicken with Malabar parantha: The spicy Chicken gravy and soft chicken pieces served with Malabar parantha. The parantha were really soft and fresh, the winner! Must try.


~Meena Madras Masala (chickpeas): Another great dish for Vegetarians. Chickpeas well prepared in indian gravy served with apam. You can also opt for rice which we did and it tasted well with rice, too. Must Try.


~Kerela Ishtew with apam: Coconut flavor Ishtew served with rice.



  • Ambience: 4/5
  • Food: 4/5
  • Value for Money: 4/5

Until next time,


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