​Manasi Bungalow, Lonavala

Lonavala is a hill station surrounded by green valleys between Mumbai and Pune in Maharashtra. This was my first trip to Lonavala and I was traveling from Mumbai which takes around 2 hours via bus. Reaching from Lonavala from Mumbai is quite flexible. You can drive your own car/ hire a car or commute via bus. We reached Lonavala at 8 am in the morning via bus and we were there at ‘House of Bliss’ a cozy, quaint boutique villa in Lonavala, away from the hustle-bustle of the city life. It is a Perfect place to unwind with friends and family and get rejuvenated. This villa is also famous by the name ‘Manasi Bungalow’. This is located Opp Tulsi General Store, Next To TCS, Ahead of Yash Hospital, Valvan.












Staycation: A very spacious property with all the amenities available easily. We stayed at a large suite room with attached bathroom and lawn. The lawn offers ample space to sit, play around and relax. We also had a bonfire on our lawn in the night. The best part was to order food inside the villa and the homemade maggi which the caretaker cooks for you. It was more like the home away from home.

Sightseeing: A couple of places to visit in Lonavala are:

  • Tiger Point and Kandala: Places you can cover if you here for two days. Other places you can club with it would be Immagica and Della Adventures.
  • Wax Museum: There are a couple of wax museums in Lonavala or as they say it is famous for Chikki and Wax Museum. The best one to visit is the Sunil Wax Museum. This museum has around 100 celebrities designed to deliver an exceptional life like characters. Some of the most famous celebrities which you can see – Mr. Narendra Modi, Bhagat Singh, Baba Ram dev, Mr. Bean, Albert Einstein and some other famous personalities, too.



  • Triose Multiplex: We also watched a movie at Triose. It was a very small movie hall with gathers around 50-60 people.
  • Chikki: The one thing you can take home from Lonavala is Chikki for sure. It is a traditional Indian sweet made out of jaggery and groundnuts and every shop offers around 20-25 varieties of it. We bought some of the varieties from A-1 Store in Lonavala. The Chocolate fudge is amazing (more like a brownie) and the other stuff we bought were groundnut, dry fruits, Chana Chikki.


  • Hotel Cossett, Drew pub all day pub: We were here for lunch and Manasi (Owner of the resort) suggested us this place. We ordered chilly chicken, Hakka Noodles, and Manchow soup. The food was pretty decent; we enjoyed the spicy chilly chicken and street style noodles. I would surely recommend this place.





After the sightseeing, we were back at the resort and we ordered our dinner at our place. I really liked the idea of eating food at the comfort of sitting in the pajamas and enjoying the bonfire in the lawn with some music in the background. It was more like a house party for us!




Much Love,


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