​1441 Pizzeria, Mumbai

Okay! Pizza outlets are very easy to spot in Mumbai and this place was no different. I was looking at some places around Andheri, west and I got this gem there.

Cozy little café tucked in one corner of the market. Basically ore like take away but can occupy around 6 people.

We started with lemonade which was refreshing and light, a perfect start to beat the Bombay heats.

~BBQ Chicken Wings: The only non veg snack at 1441 Pizzeria. It was soft, juicy but a little high on sweet.

~Cous Cous Salad: The winner of the meal was Cous Cous Salad to start with. I really like to start my meal with healthy food and here I was eating this super delicious salad.

~Mac and Cheese Pizza: If you stalk my instagram profile you will be sure that I am a big fan of anything Mac and Cheese. This Pizza was topped with loads and loads of cheese with an added mac and cheese. Must try!

~ Krish Pizza: The part of this place is wood fired pizza served with the toppings of your choice. The toppings can be anything from what they are selling in the house. Ita up to you to decide what all toppings you want to add and make it gourmet pizza. I opted for the spicy sauce and loads of vegetables as my toppings. It was a winner.

~ Nutella Dough Balls: I always like to end my meal on a sweet heady note. I ordered nutella dough balls which won all the Brownie points.

*You just cannot have one*. It was finger licking good. The dough balls were filled with melted Nutella which just melts in your mouth. Must try!

It is a delivery outlet as well. So, I would prefer to get it delivered the next time.

  • Food: 4/5
  • Ambiance: 3/5
  • Service: 3.5/5


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