PVR Directors Cut, Vasant Kunj.

There is one movie experience I cannot forget and that is an experience given by PVR Directors Cut. If you are one person who cannot comprosmise on luxury and comfort, then you are at the right place.

PVR directors cut, it is. A must experience for everyone around. I would recommend this place to all.

Nothing can beat the experience of watching a movie in a theater and @pvrdirectorscut provides a next level experience which is beyond comparison.
It gives you the best luxury cinematic experience which offers recliner seat, one button call for food orders and much more. I would highly recommend #pvrdc to everyone. The experience is value for money and will stay with you forever.

Adding on to this, they have also launched the membership for SAPPHIRE card holders which gives them access to their newly launched restaurant, The Den. The members will now be pampered right from their doorstep through an Audi chauffeur driven pick and drop facility.
More details visit, www.pvrdirectorscut.com

Have a look,




The restaurant inside,



I love this place.❤



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