Tin Town Café, Satyaniketan

Satya niketan has always been my favourite place to catch up with friends and my memories from South campus is alive when I am here.
I was here with my friends and we were amazed by the cute looking entrance of this café. It was all decked by colorful flowers and beautiful looking door and of course the highlight how tin town was displayed in yellow. As we walked through that door, the area was huge unlike other cafés in Satya niketan. There were high chairs, comfortable seats and yellow lights.


Coming to the food, we ordered few drinks/shake to begin with.


~Oreo Shake: If you ever happen to visit Satya niketan, then shakes should be starting point. I ordered this shake and it was thick, tasty and filling. Super delicious! Must Try.


~Tin town special Mojito: This was a kiwi flavor mohit. Refreshing and a great summer cooler.


~Tandoori Momos: I am a big fan of tandoori momos and this one was a clear winner. You can spot that on the indian starters. Soft and juicy.


~Truffle fries: The usual french fries with a twist. In a mix of roasted onions with masala. It gives a great taste to the usual plain fries.


~Veg Ananchini: Huge juicy cheesy balls served with sun-dried tomatoes dip. Crispy, cheesy and popping hot. An appetizer you would not want to resist.

~Chicken Onion rings: this was the first time I was having chicken rings. The usual onion rings are stuffed with juicy Chicken and fried the way we get onion rings. A great innovation to onion rings.

~Veg penne pink sauce pasta: The super delicious penne pasta was prepared using red and white cream sauce in assorted veggies – zucchini, broccoli. Must try!

~ Half and Half Pizza: I really like the concept of half and half pizza specially when you go out with vegetarian friends and at the same time you want to taste non veg pizza. We ordered a combination of mexicana Veg pizza and chicken tikka. The crust was thin topped with assorted veggeis on the beg pizza and the customised chicken tikka pizza for non veggies.

~Oreo Pie: if you are an Oreo lover, this pie is a winner. The sweetness is just perfect. This pie is more like a mousse. Three layers perfectly prepared using crushed Oreo biscuits, Oreo cream and vanilla ice cream.


I am definitely coming here, again.

A great place for college students and a budget friendly place.


Food: 4.5/5

Ambience: 4.5/5

Service: 4.5/5

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