Tanddav, GK2

Tanddav is a form of dance performed by Lord Shiva, which is meant to be very furious. But, this place is completely different to its name. The ambiance is calm and composed, fine dining I would say.

The entrance begin with a small wine cellar and then the beautiful chandelier and two floors of sophisticated setup.


Thumbs up for the service to begin with. They will never disappoint you!

To start our culinary experience, I was here with my mom and we started hogging after our shopping expedition. I ordered Sangria while my mom started with Kiwi cooler. The menu here is continental. We asked a lot of dishes and recommendations from the server and he did his job well.


~House Salad: If you are looking something healthy then this salad is a perfect blend of ruchika with orange segments, pine nuts, cherry tomatoes tossed in honey and red wine vinegar.

~Coastal Spicy Chicken: A big shout out to this appetizer. Perfect Chuck’s of chicken served with Chennai spices. I am sure it’s not only for the south Indians but is a sure shot order for the north Indians as well.

~Chicken Strips: A mix of sweet and spicy BBQ chicken strips is also a great start for your meal.

~Grilled chicken with Artichokes, olives and onions: Thin crust pizza topped with chicks of chicken and veggies and an amazing spread of cheese. Must Try!

~Vegetable Ramen: I was looking for soup in the menu but they don’t have soup as such but yes, this dish is listed under the maincourse is so close to the soup we have. The soup, I would say was a filling of noodles and fresh veggies. Do give a try.

I always end my meal on a sweeter note. The server suggested us homemade icecream. As per his suggestion, we opted for:

~Saffron, almond and Orange: Smooth and light.

~Zuccotto:  It is a wine based ice cream.


Until next time,

Keep hogging!



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