I have been busy with work off late and I was not able to find time for my blog. But, yes I am back to my blog with regular updates on my #travel #fashion and #food post and i am happy about it.

I love Mumbai! If there is one city where I can settle down after Delhi, it has to be Mumbai with no second thoughts.

There are soo many reasons I love Mumbai, some of them are:

  • You can travel at any hour of the time. You will feel safe which is lacking here in Delhi.
  • The street food! Damn! I miss vada pao while I type this.
  • The beaches, the early morning walk at Marine Drive.
  • I work as a Financial Consultant and Mumbai being the financial hub is what attracts me.
  • The fancy night outs. you can ear anything and people won’t stare you.
  • The all day summer and Bollywood could only happen here in Mumbai!

I love Mumbai as it is a fast moving city and you need to keep the balance with it. You can find random stories, you will meet new people and most interestingly It changes every minute.

Here are some pictures from my Mumbai trip!


dresses I wore!

More on Mumbai, on my next post!

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