​Caterspoint, Gurgaon

I was looking at the website caterspoint.com to order some food at my work place and trust e the menu was so attractive that I ended up adding a lot many things which tasted delicious. The whole idea is to eat healthy with a specially curated menu by the chef.

~Detox Juices: They have a variety of fresh and healthy detox juices which were refreshing and tarah at the same time. Beetroot and orange!

~Chana salad: boiled chana with fresh cut rates, onion, capsicum and pomegranate is a great start for your breakfast or a healthy option for salad.


~Sabutdana Kichdi: Not everyone can make a perfect sabutdana Kichdi. This was perfectly done using sabutdana and peanuts.


~Sprouts Salad: Another healthy option for salad is Sprouts salad. The sprouts are not bleached but if you like a lil’ raw flavor of sprouts with a mix of tomatoes, onion and pomegranate then this can be great pack for you. I personally like sprouts to be bleached properly.

~Poha: Flattened rice or poha is always considered a great option for breakfast. It is accompanied with mint chutney and bujiya. I. Buying this again for my breakfast.

~Chicken Sandwich: Grilled chicken stuffed in brown bread with a lil mayonnaise. The chicken cubes were juicy and well marinated. Please mention it to the chef if you want to have a healthy version of this sandwich without mayonnaise.

~Fruit Custard: I always end my meal on a sweet note and this was on point. The fresh flavor of vanilla custard with a mix of exotic fruits was a jar full of happiness. Must Try.

I am surely gonna order a lot from this place as it caters to my need and serves healthy breakfast and lunch at my workplace.


  • Packing: 4/5
  • Taste:4/5
  • Value for money: 4/5

Until next time,



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