Indigo Deli, Cyber Hub

There are good restaurants and then there are restaurants serving great food. I am happy to say that I was able to find a balance between both. If you ever got a chance to visit Indigo Deli, Mumbai, you can relate what I am talking about. Indigo is always a fav place for me when I first visited Indigo, Mumbai. And, it was really great to see Indigo at Cyber Hub, Gurgaon. They saved my flight ticket, literally.

I have been here twice, already and I have explored more food on each visit.

I started my culinary excursion with some juices and soup of the day they offer.

➡Chicken Soup: I can clearly say that this was so far the best chicken tomato soup I have ever had. The smoothness and the taste was just so perfect.

➡Fresh juices: I opted for pineapple, watermelon fresh juices and they were really refreshing.

For the starters, I ordered some salads.
➡Apple wine salad: The red wine soaked in apples were totally refreshing and light. If you want to experiment red wine dressing in your salad, you should try this.

➡Chicken ceased salad: Salad which comes with a lot of lettuce and chicken cubes. Topped with mayonnaise and some in house dressing. I am not a fan of too much of lettuce, though.

➡Citrus salad: I love oranges and this salad was a perfect match for me. Citrus, yes. I wolfed the whole bowl because it was loaded with citrus fruits – orange, blood orange and grapefruit being the highlight. Topped with pine nuts. Must Try!

Coming to the maincourse:

➡Mac and cheese: baked Mac and cheese with melted cheese and well cooked chicken pieces is something you should definitely not miss if you love Mac and cheese. Must Try!

➡Wheat Pesto Pasta: This pasta is healthy, comes with peeta sauce and veggies which was perfectly topped with roasted almonds and walnuts.

➡Half and half pizza: Wafer thin crust pizza is the winner of Indigo Deli. If you happen to visit Indigo, font miss the Wafer thin pizza which is one of their specialty. You can choose two flavors at the same time. It was BBQ chicken and smoked chicken for us. BBQ was on a little sweet side and smoked chicken is a balance which goes well with BBQ chicken.

I cannot just end my meal without the desserts. They make in house ice cream, which is a big shout out. I will share my desserts below and not even a single one was disappointing. They were beyond great. I can still salivate the flavor as I write about them. I have already described them on instagram, though.

➡Caramel chocolate Cream pastry: Soft, smooth and full of flavor. This pastry was tasty and I could feel the taste of caramel tolled with chocolate in every bite. Served with vanilla ice cream scoop.

➡Nutty Sundae: My personal favourite is ice cream over chocolate, anyway. This one was the best. I am surely coming again for this bowl of super delicious choclate serving pranit butter ice cream and chocolate chip ice cream with scoops of whipped cream and loaded nits on the top. A good fit for 3-4 people.

➡Banana Caramel pie: soft, fill of taste and the caramel spread on the top makes this pastry drool worthy.

➡Chocolate mud cake: chocolate lovers will enjoy this cake. Topped with raspberry makes it really appealing when it comes to presentation.

I am definitely going back, again.


  • Taste: 4.5/5
  • Presentation: 4.5/5
  • Value for money: 4.5/5

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