​Eggers Madhouse, Gurgaon

Eggs are a great source of protein and eggers madhouse is one such outlet which will never make you fall out of protein. No points for guessing what they are famous for.

They deliver across Gurgaon from 8 in the morning which makes it easier to have a healthy and delicious breakfast.
I was looking for breakfast and thought of ordering from Eggers Madhouse and yes, that was the best decision.
~Nutella Shake: Creamy, thick and protein rich nutella shake. Not just tasty but healthy. Why healthy: Nutella contains whey protein, they don’t add extra sugar and prepare it using skimmed milk. Now, who can miss this. MUST TRY!


~Egg Salad: The super healthy salad loaded with cucumber, tomatoes, bell peppers and Chuck’s of boiled egg white. This makes a perfect post workout meal.


~Bombay Masala Burji: I am going to place this as a part of my order again and again. This was so far the best Bombay style burji I have had in Delhi. The egg burji was prepared with right amount of spices and I could taste tomatoes and onions. The pav on the other hand was soft and chewable. MUST TRY!

~Omelette Espanio: Egg white omelette was stuffed with assorted sauted veggies like olives, broccoli, mushroom which makes this dish really filling and innovative. For the sides they serve brown bread, salad, American corns and potato wedges. MUST TRY!

~Bun Masala Omelette: This dish has been made out of burger I would. Instead of the tikki it was done with Omelette. I can skip this because it has a lot of mayonnaise and instead of the Omelette they could play with burji.

~Italiano: English grilled vegetables tossed in olive oil wrapped around thin layers of eggs and served with garlic bread. It is dressed with three pepper sauce and a bit if mayonnaise. The three pepper sauce was tangy and it rated like a garlic sauce.


~Pancakes: Fluffy, Soft and fresh. The packing was done really neat. They pack pancajes separately and then comes fruits- pomegranate, banana in a different box. They also give mapel syrup, coffee nutella syrup, blueberries syrup to spread in the pancakes.


  • Food: 4/5
  • Value for Money:4/5
  • Packing:4/5

Until next time,


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