Not Just Paranthas, GK2

As the name says, it is beyond paranthas. It is a combination of great taste of famous Paranthewali Gali, Chandnichawk.

Ambiance: Even before you step inside you will find a cute white color bi-cycle hanging on the left and some NJP Times (Newspaper) lying on the right table with the stamp. As you enter, the ambiance is from the Old Delhi era – My mom connected well with that. The songs, the server in the uniform of Indian Postman, Pital Lota in which they serve water, on one side of the corner they have board games to play – luddo, snake and ladder, Antique hookah on the other end. The ambiance is spacious with colorful floral couch, white seats and the colorful kites hanging on the ceiling.

Menu: The menu is named as NJP Times, a newspaper menu. The first page shows the story of old Delhi and the second – third page describes ‘too much to handle’, which is true because these two pages are extensive. When I say extensive, they have around 100 types of paranthas, the variety of kebabs, maincouse from Mughlai and North Indian, breads and my favorite desserts – desserts ranging from North Indian traditional sweets, sweet stuffed in paranthas and Kulfi (they specially get the kulfi’s from Old Delhi).


We started our excursion with;

~Kullad lassi: Thick, creamy well blended with nuts. The sweetness was appropriate! MUST Try!

~Butter Milk: Light, easily digested, salty in taste. It was refreshing yet a perfect order with paranthas. MUST Try!

~Ice Tea: Refreshing summer cooler.


~Chana Chatpata: The best chaat I have ever had. The yogurt was cold and refreshing. The pari was well crushed, topped with tomatoes, onions, potatoes and some bhel. MUST Try!

~Kebabs Platter: A lovely platter of juicy kebabs which melts in the mouth is a must for nay party or for any big North Indian meal. The kebabs are usually served as an appetizer with dips and mint chutney. Our plate was served well with peanut dip (which was on a sweeter side to balance the spicy kebabs), garlic dip (which helps in digestion). It was a mix of tandoori chicken, mutton/chicken sheek, soya chaap – cream and tandoori, Paneer tikka and Afgani chaap. The soya chaps were filled with nut and were fine grilled and soft. The tandoor chicken again was tender and well tandoored. The chicken/mutton kebabs were oft and well marinated. The paneer cubes were soft and well presented with capsicum and tomatoes.

~Calzone Pizza Pockets: If you want to eat pizza in the Indian style, you should not miss this. Pizza pockets in triangle shape stuffed with cheese, capsicum, tomatoes and onions. MUST Try!

~Chur Chur Aloo Pyaaz Lehuni: Chur Chur paranthas are their specialilty, recommended by the chef. They were stuffed with aloo pyaaz and crushed with ghee. MUST Try!

~CHur Chur chicken do pyaaz: Chur chur stuffed with chicken. This was a little dry, you can accompany it with Raita or dal.

~Dal Makhani: Dhabba style dal was a traditional dal makhani from Amritsar. The aroma and flavours were so strong and perfect. The super delicious dal was topped with cream and butter.

~Pineapple Raita: Small pieces of pineapple well blended with curd. Pineapple Raita is my new favorite. MUST Try!

~Gulab Jamun: Hot and juicy gulab jamun is a win win to end any North Indian food. Appropriate sweetness and softness makes it a must try, again.

~Paan Kulfi and Rabri Kulfi: I was literally waiting for the meal to end so that I can relish kulfi from Old Delhi. It’s like how I wait for the desserts to come. 😀 And, believe me they were AMAZING. Every bite melts in the mouth and gives you a great sense of satisfaction, if you have a sweet tooth like me.:D MUST Try!

I am definitely coming here, again!


  • Quality: 4.5/5
  • Ambiance: 4/5
  • Value for money: 4.5/5

Untill next time,



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