The Nook, Gurgaon

The Worst Dining Experience I’ve ever had!

There are good days and then there are special days. You don’t always give a shout out to that place saying – Hey, it’s my birthday, please be nice!

Looking out for fine dining restaurant through Zomato ratings, it was a natural stopover while hunting for lunch spots at Sohna road because we already covered, The Westin and The Fortune Select Excalibur. So why wouldn’t I return anytime soon? I’ll get to that.

Ambiance: The not too brightly lit up set-up with carpeted floor and decent casual look.

Food/Drinks: Nook serves Indian, Oriental and Continental dishes. Our choice of selection was Oriental and then we planned for North Indian (But, we left mid-way because of the attitude of the manager).

We were served with breads and welcome mango drink shots to start with. The shots were the worst thing to begin with, a mango bite toffee in water, I would say!


With drinks, I selected for Red wine sangria while my friend opted for Tropical Punch. The drinks were average, negating any pleasure one could derive from an already average wine and the juice.


The luncheon started with,

~Penne Pasta Chicken Salad: The salad was tossed with Thousand Island dressing and a whole of mayonnaise in the mixture of diced chicken, cherry tomatoes and bell peppers. The salad was nothing extraordinary, but a basic homemade salad. By the looks of it, the salad belonged at a food court more than it belonged at the Nook. I repeated my order for white wine sangria. A half hour later, I requested a server to check with the kitchen and then I saw the manger telling the bartender to prepare one.


Keeping all cool because the day was special, I proceeded with the food.

~ Drums of Heaven: Deep fried Chinese chicken wings in schezwan sauce, they were extra spicy. I would recommend, keep a glass of water and some sweets handy before you plan to order them.


The appetisers did not do their job, and the terrible service was not doing anything to help.

And, then I got my White wine sangria like we were grateful to be served at all.

The drink had a black particle inside the glass. I requested the server to kindly replace it and he got the drink after another 15 minutes with the same black particle.

Sheer Disappointment! I told the manager (Shashi) to cancel the drink and get the cheque.

It’s not the food and the drinks we only enjoy at the restaurant, it’s the experience that counts a lot. I am surely not coming back here with the kind of service and the attitude on the manager’s face, he was looking at us as if he owns the property and he gets to decide what we should drink. There was a black particle, he should have been sensible enough to replace the drink after checking it twice, but, that’s the kind of service they offer! It took will power not to retort!

Rating: What do you expect!!

Zomato Link: The Nook Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

View my food journey on Zomato!

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