Punjab Grill, Saket

There are restaurants that provide good food, and then there are restaurants that provide good experience. I am happy to find the balance between the both. Welcome to – Punjab Grill! It offers North Indian, Mughlai. As the server described, Punjab Grill refabricates experience by making it modern, but keeps it traditional.

We started our dinner with refreshing mocktails;

~Santari: Fresh orange juice and mint. It was refreshing, and loaded with freshness in every sip.  MUST Try!

~Dhania Patta: The server suggested this drink is a new addition and you should not miss this, he was right. Tangy, refreshing and tasted more like Aam Panna, is a MUST Try!

~Preserved Juice (Mix Fruit Juice): Canned juices, mix fruit juice to go with the food.

~Masala Pappad: Just because our chicken tikka was taking some time, our server got us Masala pappad to munch on, that’s the kind of service I am looking for when I spend money to eat!

~Veg Kurkuri: The manager suggested, if you can try veg, you should not miss this and yes, my parents loved it! Wanton skin rolls filled with olives, sundried tomatoes and pinenuts, rolled up and light fried filled with cheese. MUST Try!

~Murg Tikka Punjab Grill: Chicken tikka can never go wrong and this is one of the fav dish we order when it comes to non-veg starters. Huge, filling and succulent chicken pieces well glazed in the tandoor. MUST Try!

~Dal Punjab Grill: There is an art of preparing Dal makhani, and I thank the chef for preparing this soo well. Well presented with cream and butter. MUST Try!

~Pineapple Raita: I am fond of raita when it comes to North Indian meals. This one should not be missed, for sure. The curd was well blended and the fine chopped pineapple was the clear winner. MUST MUST Try!

~Assorted Breads: We opted for Pundina Parantha, Tandoori Roti. The pundina parantha was soft and chewable.

Special thanks to the Chef and Manager for taking care for small details, like, my birthday and presenting a mini cake by chef! I guess, we look for great experience when we go out and eat apart from good food. I am a regular visitor; my family loves this place too. 

Cheers! See you more often!


  • Food: 4.5/5
  • Service: 4.5/5
  • Quality: 4.5/5

Until next time,



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