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I was on a shopping expedition with a friend and food kept running on our minds. So, we decided to find a good place to eat. However, hunting a place of our choice was a task. We quickly searched few applications to narrow down the place on IOS apps, I came across Redfoodie. It was the kind of application I was looking for that day!

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Redfoodie helps in discovering the best places to eat across 7 cities across India – Delhi/NCR, Mumbai,Pune, Chandigarh, Amritsar, Jaipur, and Ludhiana. Also, Redfoodie plans to cover international cities by the end of the year. If you are a foodie and you make planned or impromptu decisions where to eat, this application/website will help you with the place you are looking for. And, if you think you are not able to find your favorite restaurant, they have a defined head under ‘Add Restaurant’ where you can connect with the Redfoodie team and they will do that for all of us.

About Redfoodie: All thanks to founder Dilpreet Kohli and co-founder Kanwar Kohli. They have launched their application on iPhone which be much easier than the website. Also, for android users they will announce the launch of the application soon. While on the go, you can easily hunt for the best restaurants to eat and relax. I like the whole concept of Redfoodie; it revolves around a basic minimal description as review about the place and not stories, which is a lot easier to read. There will be a word restriction of 300 characters. Also, the ratings are not based on the ratings on 5 but they are based on the percentage system.

Redfoodie offers a lot of features which I was amazed to see when i started using the application. They offer an easy hassle free application which helps you browse through different cuisines. You can choose anywhere between a fine dining restaurant, hunting for pocket-friendly cafes, planning a grand party or simply love to eat, which you can choose from every corner of the town. They have designed the ratings in terms of ‘Like’ which pops a ‘Red Heart’ and ‘Dislike’ which pops a ‘broken heart’ button instead of a 1-5 rating system. One can become an elite member by getting 7000 Points simply by adding reviews which gives the user a lot benefits and vouchers. For the starters, a review gets you 80 points and 4 points for the photos. An easy sign up with Facebook/Gmail. you can find the recommended list of restaurants featuring; Newly opened, Trending, best places to eat ‘Butter chicken’ etc. I am just waiting for them to spread their wings to more cities and countries, as of now they provides in-depth information on 40,000+ spread across 7 cities mentioned above. You can find the scanned menu and pictures of food, which helps you take a better idea on where to hog.

I am definitely downloading this application to avail vouchers and an easy guide to where to eat.

iOS App link

Log on to:⁠⁠

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