The Juggad Cafe, Defence Colony

I am always on a lookout for new cafes and bistros; this café was one good search!


Ambience: The ambience is well done with beer bottles all around on the ceiling used in form of dim yellow lights. The table is used with beer caps used to lighten the décor. The furniture is colorful and thy have 3 floors setup. The menu is well curated with innovative names.



~Sharabi Nariyal: Fresh cut coconut missed with barcadi, Strawberry. The taste of barcadi ruled this drink.


~Summer Hummer: The drink was presented in the glass bottle. Refreshing and a perfect drink to beat the summer heat! Loads of lemon and oranges! MUST Try


~LIIT: Berry tea, Pineapple juice and gin. They make the strongest one for you.


~Chocolate Kitkat Shake: Thick creamy chocolaty. This shake will be a perfect start to the breakfast at Juggad café.



~Chili Chicken: Crispy crunchy chicken well marinated with bell peppers and soy sauce. MUST Try.


~Chicken Wings: Crispy juicy chicken wings, this is one dish for which I will be coming here again. The wings were huge and they were topped with springs onions and crunchy capsicum. MUST Try.


~Veg Fried Rice: The usual fried rice, tossed with veggies. It was a little bland per the Chinese flavor.


~Chicken Schezwan: The gravy was thick and the chicken pieces were tender. A perfect meal to go with, rice and noodles.


~Veg Penne Arrabiata pasta: The pasta was not well cooked, a little undone I would say. Th gravy was thick and creamy and so were the garlic breads. It can be skipped.



I like the décor, I like the food and I like the innovation with the drinks! Yes, I am coming here often.

Cheers! #missfoodiefiesta

http://The Jugaad Cafe Bar Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato http://View my food journey on Zomato!http://View my food journey on Zomato!

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