Grilled Veggies

What could be healthier to cook your entire meal on grill. When I am home and I know i can eat fresh and healthy food, Grilled veggies is what I opted for.

~Colorful veggies of your choice: Brocolli, Zucchini, Bell Peppers, Carrots, Corns, Baby Corns.
~Olive Oil
~Salt and Pepper
A perfect wy to indulgue in the goodness of veggies packed with health and less fat!
# Slice/cube the veggies.
#Take a griller or a non stick pan
#Brush some Olive oil.
#Spread the veggies add salt and pepper, oregano to flavor them.
#Make ure you dont burn the veggies
#Rotate the step to grill them on the other side.

Yes, you can thank me later.

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