Bun Intended

Burgers and more burgers! I have been eating a lot of burgers, off late. Bun Intended is another name in the burger market. If you plan to relish some big, oversized burgers, this is a place for you. One burger is so huge that makes it a proper meal for one. The burgers are so filling, well accompanied with house salad and spicy fries. This outlet takes care for late night delivery.


~Peri-Peri Chicken Wings: The wings were baby sized, spicy and tender. It is one great option to order from the menu for the sides.


~Smoked Chicken Salad: When I see salad in the menu, I know I have to order. The salad was deliciously fresh. The bowl was full of smoked chicken, lettuce, olives, cherry tomatoes, cucumber. The dip was creamy and rich in flavors.


~Nutella & Peanut butter shake: I love Nutella, the hazelnut flavor! The shake was thick and creamy which was well packed in a plastic bottle.


~Crispy Burger: The chicken patty was crispy and tender. There was crunch, then the tender juicy chicken bite! If you are planning to go for chicken burger, go for this one. The buns were soft with the bun intended logo on the bun.


~Hit the Lottery Burger: Roast chicken burger, it was more of a grilled chicken, with huge chicken fillet. The chicken was huge and too much inside the burger which was difficult to eat. This burger tasted a little bland. I can skip this.


~Blueberry Cheese cake: Life is uncertain, let’s have dessert first! Oh yes! I did that, and that was the best decision. If you are planning to order dessert, you should not miss the soft spongy sinful bites.


  • Value for Money: 3.5/5
  • Quality: 4/5

Bun Intended Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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