Milonga Nights!

Milonga is a tango social. A place, where everyone who knows tango, dances. Only tango music is played. In fact, it is the only regular milonga in town that too in a 5 star property. The property that has an old world, vintage charm to it. It transports you to the milongas held in Buenos Aires.


Join hands with Eduardo and Kiran are the, most active tango promoters in New Delhi.

Tango is a social dance from Argentina. It is a couple dance. It is very classy, sensual and sophisticated. Obama was recently seen dancing tango during his visit to Argentina. Besides football, Argentina is famous for tango.

Tango is very meditative and therapeutic. People compare it to yoga and zen. Art of living Guru, Sri Sri Ravishankar ji is also promoting tango under Sri Sri Tango. Our Indian Gurus are also realising its benefits.

It is not hard core fitness activity. It is slow and gentle. Any age group can do it but a noted fact is that tangueros (people who dance tango, are refereed as tangueros) are seldom unfit. There must be a reason. Like golf, it is an amazing socialising and networking activity. Tango is also supposed to be very addictive but in a very good way. Tango is healing and curing.

In Delhi, the only school to teach tango is New Delhi tango school- NDTS

They organise regular milongas (tango socials), tango festivals and tango workshops from world renowned artists. The founder of the school is Kiran Sawhney.

Offer: Free unlimited drinks and food/snacks will be served at the launch date.

Special reserved table booked for bloggers and media. Good opportunity to network, watch a sensual performance. Be a part of gala evening attended by expats, diplomats, ambassadors and dignitaries.

Get a free introductory class of tango from world renowned maestros.


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