Burger Hunt

Burger aficionados will tell you that biting into a juicy, tender, fresh burgers, is bliss. I am talking about the ongoing “Burger Hunt” hosted by Foodie-Find Best Dishes (fb.com/dishguide) where I was a part of the jury. I have covered 4 restaurants for the hunt of best burgers in Delhi/NCR. The qualifying parameters are based on 7 factors:


  • Innovation
  • Taste
  • Presentation
  • Filling
  • Value for Money
  • Ease of Eating
  • Freshness

#1 Molecule Air Bar, Sector 29 Gurgaon


The ambience played well with planes, molecular formulas. Someone who loves chemistry can understand the walls and fall in love instantly. It was a tour to the chemistry lab which was well described in the art of presenting food and drinks! One cannot miss the spacious setup, where the tables were well laid with quite some space offering private conversations.



This place is renowned for their innovative drinks and food. I tasted two burgers for the hunt which was accompanied well with fries, salsa dip, chocolate nitrogen infused frozen shake shot and blueberry shot to wash it down. The house bun was soft and the accoutrements vary with each burger. The presentation for all the three burgers we ordered was similar.


  1. Chicken Cheese

Chicken cheese burger is a treat for non-vegetarians. The bun was soft and chewable and the chicken patty was crunchy and juicy. It was loaded with fresh cut tomatoes, capsicum, onions, jalapenos, lettuce and a dash of mayonnaise. My first bite gave me an “Oh my gosh!” sensation, it was finger licking good. You don’t have to wrestle with it while eating; the filling is perfectly packed inside the buns.

Price: 375/-


  1. Fish and Chips Burger

If you are a sea food lover, you should not miss this burger. The crispy fish patty was soft and tender in every bite. The buns adjusted the filling well, which makes it easier to eat.

Price: 375/-


#2 Boombox Café, Sector 29 Gurgaon

This place opens up to a spacious, quirky, colorful ambiance. They have given a lot of attention to details, which reflects in the decor, the walls, and the ambiance. You have to visit to believe it – Guitars, Skull, Monkey crafted face, Woofers – very creative!



For the Burger tasting hunt, I tasted burgers accompanied with salad, salsa dip, fries. The presentation for the Non-Veg burger was spread in the square shaped wooden tray while for the Veg it was the rectangular shaped wooden tray to highlight some difference.

  1. Chicken Chettinad:

If you plan your visit to Boombox for Burgers, this is something you can try. The chicken fillet was grilled and spicy, well stuffed with loads of veggies which make it wrestle while eating, goes a point down on the ease of eating. The taste was fresh, tender, flavorsome which makes it one option to look forward while placing the order for burgers, here.

Price: 355/-


#3 OMG Café, Connaught Place

This place talks about the theme of angles and god! OMG, it is. The decor is well done in red and gold, speaks up with the theme.


For the burger tasting hunt, I tasted quite a few burgers here which was accompanied with potato wedges and house salad.

  1. Black Beans and Corn Burger:

It was about soft buns and crunchy filling of corn and beans in every bite, a treat for vegetarians. The standout amongst all the burgers I have tasted here, this one was the best. This one is surely a must try for vegans. The fillet was crispy, crunchy and full of taste. It was delicious! It was expensive but worth spending.

Price: 425/-


  1. Chicken Teriyak Burger:


The buns were soft and chewable. The chicken fillet was succulent but a little too high on the salt content, maybe; it was because of the extra cheese in the stuffing. Being a non-vegetarian, I was not happy to enjoy this burger. Not worth the money!

Price: 495/-


  1. Fish and Chips Burger:

The fish patty was soft and tender stuffed with veggies and cheese. Every bite was flavorsome; it will be a treat for sea food lovers. Overpriced!

Price: 545/-



#4 Hotmess, Connaught Place

Hotmess welcomes you with chic interiors which were quirky, modern and creative.


For the Burger Hunt, I tasted two of the Non-Veg Burgers well accompanied with spicy fries and dips.

  1. Mutton Galouti with chilli paste:

I relish Mutton Galouti, enjoying this succulent and spicy galouti fillet in a bun was a treat. Every bite was a trip to freshness and flavor. The size of the burger was compact which makes it easier to eat and handle. Value for money!

Price: 245/-


  1. Grilled Chicken:

The grilled chicken was spread inside the burger in a messy way, topped with oodles of cheese and veggies. The chicken was not that soft, either. It can be surely skipped.

Price: 285/-


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