Something saucy, Food Truck ^Sector 29

 If you are heading to Sector 29 Main market, Gurgaon! You certainly cannot miss this Black color food truck with LED display lights, the hold of the catch is the highlight ‘Something Saucy’!

This food truck offers mouthwatering snacks, with a mix of fusion products. For eg: Italian and Chinese fusion!
Timings: 6:30 PM onwards.

IMG_20160429_192122 IMG_20160429_192106

They offer 10 different types of sauces which goes along in your food which makes it even more yummy! @somethingsaucy

Drinks: They offer a variety of Mocktails which was refreshing and a perfect match with our order. We started the mocktail with:
Green Apple soda: Refreshing breezy drink with the hint of lemon flavor.
👑Watermelon lemonade: This was the clear winner with the sweet and salty flavor, perfect drink to beat the scorching heat!
Pink lemonade: This drink was a blast of beery lemon flavor, at the same time healthy color of beetroot.

IMG_20160429_193624 IMG_20160429_193548

👑Chicken Skewers – This is one of the best skewers I have had, one cannot miss this when they come here. The skewers were so juicy, tender from inside and crunchy from the outside. Must Try! 📍Price: 120/- come on! Go have it! Chilli garlic sauce. I have never had this economical skewers anywhere, and no compromise on the taste.



👑Chicken Dimsums: I am a dimsum fan! I know which one is droolworthy and which one is bland. These mini dimsums dipped in the sauce was a win win last evening. I can still salivate the taste.



👑Crazy Fries: These fries were crunchy, crisp topped with cottage cheese which was soft and tender. I am not a cottage cheese fan, but his made me change the way I look at cottage cheese. I am certainly having cottage cheese from here. They were topped with COLA BBQ sauce which was made out of coke. Another winning combination.


Burgers (Colors on my plate): Burgers packed with colorful goodness!
📍Red Burger: Red burger is customize with healthy beetroot bun filled with juicy chicken fillet.

📍Green Burger: Prepared using Spinach gave the bun a green color and a natural spinach flavor, filled with cottage cheese patty.
Accompanied well with crunchy French fries topped with a flavor of sauce.
~Price: Pocket friendly! 110 for Veg, 130 for Non Veg!



👑Creamy Pepper: Now this dish, won all the Brownie Points, though each and every dish was amazing. I cannot say which one was a clear winner, but yes. I have this dish in excess. The fusion of Chinese noodles and pasta sauce – creamy pepper was a one good arrangement. After taking the first bite, I was left craving for more. This was the last dish I have had. I was so full but I finished this off!


I am surely walking to this Food Truck again for mouthwatering food! I certainly cannot miss this. Go try! Rating 4.5/5


  1. Nice review, and yes they are among the few that I like. Have a look at my reviews of the trucks on my blog. Had Lebanese at The Rolling Kitchen recently which was also good and Frugurpop is you like gourmet ice-cream.


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