Qro is a new café in the streets of Satyaniketan, replacing Dark house café operated earlier.


Off lately, I have been visiting Satyaniketan so much, I think I love this place for the kind of cozy cafés they have all around. Satyaniketan is surely one hit place, today.

They offer a relaxed ambiance, with no theme constructed, which goes well with anything. They will further add a bar setup, which not many cafes in Satyaniketan offer. Also, they were the first to start with Hookas! The entrance is done with vibrant yellow with the artificial flower setup and quoted cushions around.
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The rest of setup is done with comfortable chairs and tables. The wall on the top is adorned by yellow lights all around.


We started the excursion with sipind some mocktail, which was light and breezy. Adding to the mocktail, we added the Oreo shake and the chocolate brownie shake. I am not a shake fan, but, yes I am in verge of declaring myself a shake fan now. As they say, company matters.
~Oreo shake was thick, creamy and the amount of sweet present in there was a perfect blend of taste. Topped with a slice of Oreo biscuit for the presentation.


~Brownie shake: I like the way the Brownie is crushed inside the shake, which gives you Brownie granules in every sip you take.


They have an extensive 17 pager menu, which comprises of Italian, Chinese, Mexican and Lebanese. soo, they are going to add North Indian also. Coming to my order, I started with:

~Refreshing cooler: Comprises of cranberry, orange and lemon. A perfect way to beat the heat.


~Grilled Chicken Balsamic Salad:
You have to eat this salad to believe me, packed with goodness of health and taste. The salad was loaded with lettuce, bellpeppers, grilled chicken with tangy dressing which makes it light and healthy. Must Try.


~Chilli Spicy Momos: I love momos, finding the perfect taste is a treat. The momos were tandoored, I calm them tandoori momos which was then tossed in chilly garlic sauce and sauted well with onions, capsicum and garlic. Must Try!


~Vodka Pasta: Pink sauce pasta tossed with two spoons of vodka. The pasta didn’t go well with the gravy, I think the pasta can be more well cooked. But, the server replaced the pasta added more sauce to it, which went pretty decent. Can be skipped. Though.


Like, it’s always a treat to end the meal with a sinful note, so we placed the order for the Pan Kulfi.

~Pan Kulfi: QRO is the first outlet in Satyaniketan initiating the concept of Kulfi. The Kulfi is a perfect treat to beat the heat. The ingredients of pan can be tasted in every bite.

I am coming here again, for the extensive menu that I have to try and the North Indian food which is coming up.

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