Molecule, Sector29

Molecule was there on my wishlist from quite a long and when I got the opportunity to review, it was a treat in itself! I instinctively knew we were in for an unforgettable experience!

When I stepped right in front of Molecule, I assured myself, yes, this is something big coming! From the moment I walked into Molecule from the elevator, I became aware I have entered into a dimension! The music played was from the 90’s era! All time soothing to your ears. One cannot miss the spacious setup, where the tables were well laid with quite some space offering private conversations.

The ambiance played well with planes, molecules formulas. Someone, you loves chemistry can instantly relate well there. It was a tour to the chemistry lab which was well described in the art of presenting food and drinks!

As they say, molecule will never disappoint you for the innovative drinks and food they offer, hold true. Every sip of drink, every time the server got us the drinks, my eyes popped out with the level of innovation they have done! Breaking the ice, let’s start the culinary excursion!

~ innovation has no limits, we were welcomed with Roohafza shots! Well presented in a vintage truck.


~Virgin Mary: another winner for the presentation, I think I will be praising a lot for presentation, but yes its true! You have to see it to believe it. The drink was soothing, fresh mocktail.


đź‘‘Cucumber basil mocktail: This was a winner for mocktails! The tangy lemon taste and refreshing cucumber was a win win!


đź‘‘Pinjra: This cocktail is made for couples, a drink which was so innovative, it comes in a pinjra with two straws. Yes, there you go. The bucket inside was filled with white rum, with a twist of some tangy flavor and basil. A strong power drink!


đź‘‘Mocking Bird: another well presented drink which tasted lil tangy and sweet heady drink, comes in a birdie glass jar which a glass straw on the birdie’s wing. This was more or less in line with the blue cucarro drink.


đź‘‘Sochallay: You have to be really innovative when you think of names like this and present it really good. The box comes with loaded alcohol, was another cocktail to try here. The crushed beer can was a winner in the presentation.


đź‘‘Paint Brush: Now this is worth praising! Can you ever imagine, painting the glass with chocolate and pouring vodka chocolate liquid and then drinking it up! I call this sheer indulgence! Paint your hands in the glass and pour some vodka! Chocolate fans, this one is for you!


đź‘‘Molecular Sangria: The sangria had grated Apple instead of the usual chucks. And to keep up the level of excitement, the sangria was presented with a frozen frugopop stick which includes grated fruits, dipped in wine! HEAVEN! It is probably the best sangria one can ever drink. This was definitely the star of the show!


IMG_20160430_144549 IMG_20160430_144657

Coming to the Food, innovation played even better roles!

~’Frozen’ Dragon popcorns: The popcorns were presented in the frozen jar, you need to be really careful while handling it. We ordered a mix of sweet and the other was salty. A mix of both the notes.


đź‘‘Puckas: The puchkas reminds you of the street food! But yes, it was another level of presentation. The aloo mixture was presented in the cooker mini jar and the puckas water was presented in the test tubes like the one in the chemistry lab! The water was presented in five different flavors – mint, pineapple, jal jeera and beetroot. Golgappas are always fun to eat and experimenting with flavoured waters is what it took this dish to next level!

IMG_20160430_135244 IMG_20160430_135304 IMG_20160430_135348

~Biryani Arancini balls: Crispy crunchy coating from the outer layer and veg mixture with melted cheese inside. This was served with yogurt.


đź‘‘Malai Chicken Tikkas: The chicken Tikka were soft, succulent, juicy chicken pieces topped with melted malai.


đź‘‘Keema Mutton: The keema mixture was served in the utensil and the rotis hanging on the hooks, like the keema and rotis are kept in the closet. Must try.

IMG_20160430_143737 IMG_20160430_143759


đź‘‘Vadapav: I have this instant connect with vada pav. I loved the way it was presented to the way it tasted.


đź‘‘Soya tikkas: I love non veg and soya tikkas is know for the vegetarian and they call this dish a non veg. If you are a vegetarian, this dish won’t disappoint you. Must try!


đź‘‘Creamy White pasta: I am a pasta lover. I tasted a forkful of pasta and it was so creamy and flavoursome.


đź‘‘Spring Rolls: the light fried coating done over chicken spring rolls was a must try. The sauce comes in the injection.


I was so full after drinking and eating all this that there was literally no space for the main course. Yet, I managed to taste the butter naans, dal makhani which was very prepared well.

After all this I missed the grand performance by the chef who comes up to your table and prepares it. Ras Malai, was the name of the dessert. I am coming here again for the dessert I have missed!

An expectation, met and surpassed! I am coming here agian!

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