Foodport Delivery Outlet, Gurgaon

Foodport serves some really good pocket friendly food at your office! If you are working at Gurgaon, and you want something good to eat, this is one place which comes in handy and of course reasonable.

The moment my packet arrived, I was excited to take some pictures because the packaging was eye catching. The way the food was presented for the home delivery is one good thing.

I opened the package and everything which was delivered was well organized:

~Veg Pasta: I started with Veg pasta which was prepared using red sauce. The gravy was lil on the sweeter note, I will prefer it to be on a tangy note. Otherwise, the pasta Chuck’s were well boiled and it was accompanied by garlic bread in a circular shape. The garlic bread was fresh, soft and chewable. I can feel the taste of bread which was so soft, later I got to know they bake them fresh.


đź‘‘Buna Chicken Pita pockets: The winner of the luncheon was the pita pockets. The pita bread was soft and the buna chicken mixture was so tender, perfect blend of spices stuffed inside the pita. Must try!


👑Colorful pulao: This dish was light and full of colors. The rice was well cooked with chucks of pomegranate, bell peppers, jalapeño, beans and all the colorful veggies. I should call this dish a fusion as this was well presented with baked fresh bread and vinegrate.


đź‘‘Chocolate Mousse: As I always like to end my lunch on a sweet note. This was the winner of the order. The mousse was a perfect blend of creaminess and sweetness. A prefect combination of chocolate and wipped cream. Must try!


All in all, a good buy for people who are working in Gurgaon and wants to try food cooled just like home. I have to try the BBQ chicken sandwich, I am gonna buy that next!

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