Calorize, Gurgaon

Being a food reviewer, comes with a task of eating healthy to stay fit. Calorize is one option for all the health freaks out there.

Newly launched place for healthy munching is now located at the Good Earth mall, Gurgaon.


As I stepped inside the café, cozy wooden flooring decor will welcome you. The ambience is set up with red couch and chairs. They have tablets hanging on each table which will count the amount of calories you are going to consume from your order. That’s the catch of this place, select what you want to eat, place your order and count your Calories.

To start the healthy meal of the day, we placed our order for juices, salads and subs:

👑Magnesium: The mix of tanginess in my juice is what I relish. I enjoyed the tangy flavor of pineapple. Healthy, tasty and a perfect juice to beat the summer heat.


👑Chocolate smoothie: As they say, chocolate will never disappoint. They play well with the mix of chocolate and ice cream to make it a perfect summer smoothie. Must Try!


~ Dark and White Choco blast: Indulge in dar and white chocolate blast, light not that sweet. A balance of sugar and cream.


👑Chicken Jerk Salad: This one was the winner of the evening for sure. The salad was a mix of tender pieces of chicken, jalapeños, zucchini, bell peppers, onions and tomatoes perfectly blended in juicy dips and sauces. They were a mix of mayonnaise and the flavors recommended by the chef. Must try!


👑Smoked Chicken Sub: A perfect oregano sub stuffed in delicious dips with all the veggies and smoked chicken pieces. Must try!


~Keema sub: If you are a lover of keema, then this sub is not to be missed. Only, for keema lovers!


Calorize is a good concept which is better in terms of salads and subs than what we get in subway!

If you know how much calories to consider while eating outside, this place will give a calorie check!

I am coming here, again!

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