There are good restaurants and there are great restaurants. Batli29, meets the expectations of good food and spacious brewery at the same time.

As I stepped inside the door towards Batli29, moving up the stairs, I instinctively knew we were in for an unforgettable moment!

The place opens up to a spacious setup, well laid at the first floor with proper arrangement of couch and seats with the DJ playing and the Bar in the center. The place is pretty humongous, they have a terrace which also leads to another rooftop with one more bar at the terrace. I fell in love with the rooftop!

IMG_20160509_201353 IMG_20160509_201755

Coming to the review, we started off the excursion with drinks and starters.

👑Whiskey Sour: Whiskey sour is becoming my fav these days, I tried the one without egg, I think whiskey sour with egg goes well!


👑Sangria: Sangria can never go wrong. As they say, when in doubt, order Sangria. I opted for white wine sangria, it was fresh refreshing loaded with apples and oranges.


~Sex on the beach: I love this drink, as a beginner this drink goes well with everyone. But, the drink was prepared in a way as a mocktail than as a cocktail. I asked the bartender to add vodka to make it a lil better than usual.


👑Kiwi Mocktail: If you planning to go light on drinks, go for Kiwi mocktail. Refreshing, breezy, Fruiticlious is what I described this drink.


👑 Starting the food with crispy chicken shots (don’t know the exact name), accompanied with dip in shot glasses. They also had a bowl of assorted pappads on the table to munch on.


👑Ching Chow Corn: This dish is one of the best dish to munch on while drinking fresh beer. Crispy corn well blended in form of salad, mixed well with bell peppers. A treat for vegetarians and your best friend while drinking beer!


👑 Basil Makhani Chicken: The roasted chunks of chicken were tender and juicy. Went well with the thin crust pizza base.


👑Corn and Chicken Pizza: The combination of corn and chicken was perfectly balanced over the thin crust pizza.


For the pizza, the base could have been kept little more crispy to make it more delightful.

👑Dimsums: Dimsums were well cooked and the stuffing was soft and chewabale.


👑Bharwa Chicken Steak: I tasted a forkful of chicken, it was tender and flavoursome. It was served with crispy fries and sauted veggies. Must Try!



👑Chilly Chicken: Since, I was too full with the starters that I didn’t get a chance to try this. On my friends recommendation, it was the winner of the evening.



👑Vada Pao with keema and egg: The vada pao was accompanied with keema and egg burji. I am not a fan of keema and egg burji to go with pao, so I skipped this meal. I took a bite of pao whib was stuffed with keema Masala and it was soft and chewabale.

IMG_20160509_202531 IMG_20160509_202514

👑Mutton Rogan Josh, Dal and kulcha: For the maincourse we opted for mutton which was tender, succulent pieces along with dal which was cooked like the way it should be. The kulcha was also chewable and soft. A good combination to try!

IMG_20160509_203339 IMG_20160509_203354IMG_20160509_203226

I always end my culinary excursion on a sinful note, we opted for:

👑Blueberry Kheer: The flavor of kheer was mild which make me say it was bland. I prefer the flavor of blueberry to be tangy and sweet at the same note.


It was a lovely experience and I do recommend Batli29 for its Food, the spacious setup and of course the rooftop(a great place for parties). I would surely come back for it!

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