38 Barracks, CP

38 barracks is one of the best places I have been to in CP. The hospitality, service and presentable & tasty food! They win over all of them with grace!

As soon as you you step in to the world of 38 barracks, the army background will take you over. They have two floors which presents the background of a retired officer. The ground floor showcased the drawing room area, wherein the private party was taking place and the party was rocking the whole set up which for a second made me feel like a Bollywood themed party. The first floor will take you over to the riffles, pistols, trophies with the whole setup done on the wall, the stairs are organised in beautifully captured pictures. The other side captures the balcony with gives the whole view from that seat and the view outside the world of the busy streets of CP.


As soon as I was seated, enjoying the view to the world of the military background and the view of CP. I was then greeted by MD, Ankur Aggarwal. He told us about the concept and started the culinary excursion with fine starters and drinks to begin with. The menu was designed in such a way, to give the feel of army both from the dishes and pictures. A perfect start and apt with its name!


Cocktails and cocktails came rushing in, wherein we tried a variety of them.
Watermelon based mocktail: the mocktail was flavourful juicy watermelon drink infused with the tingling green chilly effect.

đź‘‘Pineapple crush: the pineapple juice was prepared in a refreshing mocktail which was very soothing for the taste buds.

đź‘‘whiskey based cocktail: this cocktail gave a perfect kick start to the drinks, a perfect blend of whiskey, triple sec, and a hint of orange and lime juice. The bartender a fabulous job for making this drink.

đź‘‘sangria: As I feel, a glass of sangria can never go wrong. This drink came as a surprise package for me. The presentation cannot beat 38 barracks, the glass of sangria was presented in a glass underneath which was giving the cooling effect from the ice. It was well infused with variety of fruits. Must try!!


Coming to the food, we started of with some starters to start with.
Watermelon and feta: the start to the journey was on a cooler which are there speciality, the cube of watermelon was served well with feta.


đź‘‘Stuffed panner: the paneer was stuffed with cashews and then tandoored. The serving was sprinkled with lemon and chilly. This was also accompanied well with chaach for balance out the taste. A good try for vegetarians.


đź‘‘chicken duet Tikka: the duet and the variety of serving two tikkas at one go, was one perfect way of getting to try two recipes and the taste of two flavors. They serve assortments of chicken malai Tikka and tandoori tikka which was accompanied by onions and mint chutney. Must try!


đź‘‘Clash of clash: For the love of sea food!
This dish is called clash of clash which serves you a twist of Western and Indian on the same platter. A mix of amritsari fish and fish Tikka at the same go, accompanied well with the twist of both Western and Indian, French fries and salad. Loved this combination! Must try!


đź‘‘soldiers mirchi wada: I loved this combination of mirchi stuffed with mashed aloo and fried to make a combination of wada. Best recommended as a side with North Indian cuisines and with chilled beer. I can still salivate the spicy flavor.


đź‘‘honey chilli potato: if you love Chinese and honey chilly potatoes comes your fav on the menu, try them! They were nice crispy potatoes with the right amount of honey and chilly topped with sesame seeds.


Enjoying the journey and complementing the culinary excursion so far, we started of with the main course:

Barracks special butter chicken: the barracks special box comes with dal Makhni, butter chicken gravy, rice and the cubes of chicken which were missing from the gravy comes in a twist, in skewers topped over rice and stuffed with olives. We ordered tandoori rotis to complement it.


After all the hogging, the server than got us the famous sweet dish speciality.
đź‘‘The baked rasgulla tart: the rasgulla was baked like a tart, perfectly baked and soft spongy rasgulla stuffed inside served with ice cream. Must try!


So, overall I loved the place and the restaurant theme. The staff was very welcoming. I am surely visiting here again!
The presentation done with the food was just fabulous, way to go!!

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