Tashan, GK2

Tashan is the new gem in GK2 market. My most recent culinary indulgence was at Tashan, greets you with sophisticated dining, best experience for a brunch, family dinners/ luncheon and for a date.

Ordering a sangria, I perused the menu and was impressed to see the vast range of contemporary Indian cuisine.


I was delighted to be a part of this meetup, where we tasted a lot many dishes, appreciated the goodness and suggested feedbacks on each one of them.


Our culinary excursion started with some soup tasting, wherein we tasted the mutton soup, Lasooni onion soup. Both the soups were flavourful in its own way, whereas I preferred the 👑mutton soup:diced succulent pieces of mutton in light salty texture. Then we hogged on some salads:

👑Chicken mince salad: mined chicken spread on a light fried wheat bowl on which healthy proteins were spread in form of sprouts and minced chicken which gave a tangy lemony flavor to the salad.


Quinoa salad: I am sure this was packed with health benefits, bit somehow it was not going well with my taste buds, this salad was bland for me.


For the starters, we tasted:
👑Jack in a pocket: I have never tasted jackfruit vegetable in a pita bread, this one was full of spices wrapped in pita pockets. This dish is highly recommended for vegetarians.


Cheesy broccoli: Though I am fond of broccoli, but chessy broccoli was one new combination for me. If you are a cheese lover and experimenting with veggies is your forte, this dish can be your flavor! This dish was baked with layers of cheese topped over broccoli.


👑Keema Archani: This dish was well presented and the tasted perfect! The keema archani was presented in deep fried balls which hold keema mixture inside the balls.


👑Wasabi prawns: Wasabi prawns was the winner in the range of sea food offered. The prawns were well marinated, juicy and gave a perfect blend of wasabi sauce.


Sipping frozen margarita and enjoying jal jeera shots, clicking pictures and chatting about food (our common passion on bloggers table) time flew by and soon the server brought us the entrées:
👑Hot and sour subziya: this was one unique combination of all the vegetables presented with spicy vermicelli. Must try!


👑chicken toofani: This dish won all the Brownie points. The dish was more like a kadai chicken, which was well presented with a twist of cashew nuts gravy.


Dal peshawari: this dal was a normal yellow dal. This was cooked to the level, to give this dal a thick consistency and a blend of spices.


👑Dal makhani: this dal was prepared with red beans and black dal, blended well in aromatic ingredients. A good to go option with your meals.

👑mutton rogan: this dish was well presented and it was named as standing ovation by fellow foodies, was a must try dish. Perfect t blend of spices and mutton was succulent.


Assortment of breads: the breads we opted was an assortment of naans, tandoori roti, garlic naans, paranthas which were soft and chewable.


Though we were satiated, we could not resist ending the luncheon on a sweeter note.
👑bhooni roti ka halwa: this was the first time I was trying this combination, and believe me, this dish won me over. The perfect amount of sugar, the perfect warmth of crispness and the perfect blend of halwa was a win-win for me. Must try!


👑baked yogurt with honey and fig: A baked yogurt was another must try in the menu. The yogurt was thick like mouse, baked tbopped with honey and figs.


I highly recommend, I’d return to due to flavorsome food, fine dining, attentive staff.

Rating: 4/5


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