Rang De Basanti Urban Dhabba

 I went to Rang De Basanti with my brother over a dinner and it was one shot amazing experience!

We were in search of this place which is easily accessible, right opposite Imperfecto. We took the stairs from the yellow door and there we were, a desi and a touch of urban dhabba waits for you. The place was pretty crowded, we managed a place for us and then our excursion towards the culinary treat started!

We were welcomed with the roohafza shots, the kachi lassi shots (chabeel) and my brother said, it is my kinds place! I am glad he liked it. The start was fabulous!



I took a tour towards for the ambiance and the ambinave was well setup with the modern yet ethnic dhabba touchup! The decor was done with the yellow and green quirky ambiance. The walls displayed various Punjabi quotation in form of secenaries. There was a horn in the stairs while you leave and a yellow truck placed in the balcony.

We started hogging after the exploration, we ordered a variety of drinks to start with along with the chakna!

📍Taali Shikanji and Desi LIIT: we started with lemonade with a twist of drink and our very own LIIT in a desi style. Loved the way they have introduced the menu with a touch of indianization. 😀



📍Whiskey Sour: I have developed the interested for whiskey sour, off lately! The drink was just perfect. Must order!



📍Mojito: when in doubt, opt for mojito. I would say, there drinks will never disappoint. You can order anything from the menu. Mojito was refreshing, breezy, light!



👑Kukkad do chaat: The server suggested this chaat which goes well with the drinks, in form of chakna. They have a page with three veg and three non veg chaknas to start with. We enjoyed the Non veg chaat with our drinks. The chaat was a mixture of chicken chunks, onions, tomatoes and capsicum.


👑Sawa Footiya Mutton Seekh: If you are heading to RDB, this is one dish which you cannot miss or I should call there speciality. I am a big fan of kebabs and the sawa foot long seekh came to me as a surprise! How I love surprises 😀
The seekh was soft, juicy full of flavor. Accompanied well with mint chutney and onions.



👑Mahi Amritsariya: Amritsari fish, the very famous Punjabi style fish. It was crispy, crunchy from the outside and really juciy and soft from inside. From the first bite till the last bite, you have to have this. Accompanied well with green chutney and grated raddish! Just the way I want.



👑Tangri ‘Oye Hoye’: I love leg pieces when I have to eat chicken! The tangri kebabs were succulent, juicy and perfectly well marinated. They were presented with a shot of rum.



We were so full for after having the starters and we took a god damn break to eat the main course!

👑 Meethi chicken: The meethi chicken was a perfect blend of thick gravy, full of methi aroma and flavors. Boneless pieces of chicken were soft and added well with the thick gravy.



👑Butter Chicken: Punjabi’s can never go wrong with butter chicken. Just the right amount of tanginess and the delicious taste of the gravy makes me visit here again for butter chicken.



👑Daal Makhani: Daal makhani can never go wrong while having main course. It is a common dish but needs a lot of patience to prepare. They have excelled in this. Topped with oodles of melted butter, comes in jar.



We order assortment of breads, which were chewable and soft.


I always end my culinary excursion on a sweet heady note, and this one was no different. No matter how much you eat, there is a room for desserts. We opted for refreshing, light dessert to digest the food and light on sweet.

👑 Paan Ice Cream: Melts in the mouth, with paan ingredients which gives the perfect paan flavor to this ice cream. Heaven!



I will be a regular visitor! ✌

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