{n}iche, Connaught Place

I am always on a lookout for new restaurants to explore, so, I welcome suggestions coming my way and that’s how I landed here at Niche, at my most recent culinary indulgence. The ambiance was jaw dropping, particularly the bar setup which was crafted right in the center. The place was well done with comfortable couches and subtly stylish interiors.


I was greeted by the manager and the chef to begin the culinary excursion! While I was perusing the menu, I order the drinks to begin with. At Niche, they have the best selling Cocktails and Mocktails. One of the best way to market drinks is the presentation, and Niche will always surprise you for that matter.

đź‘‘African Daisy: I cannot take my eyes off this drink which was served in a beautiful Daisy perfume bottle. Tangy and mild describes the taste of this chamomile tequila drink! A little high on price (Rs 1000/-). But, worth a try!


Dellinger: This drink was a rum based cocktail which was presented in a steel golden glass. Topped with ice and an edible flower. I am sure to order this again, because it was loaded with so much ice, which diluted the drink with water in a way.


đź‘‘Pocket soda: Good pick for mocktails, comes in a tangy flavour. If you are a fan of kala khatta, this drink will serve the purpose.


đź‘‘Kaffir Fizz: Soothing and Refreshing describes the taste of this mocktail.



Pulled kathal taco: the dish was stuffed with jackfruit with loaded tangy ketchup dressing, which was too tangy for the tatebuds.


đź‘‘Rajma and Mushroom Galaouti Quesadilla: The Galouti kababs (veg) was so soft, melts in the mouth. It was light on spices and a perfect blend of taste. Must try!


Beets and Goat cheese salad: This salad was very bland. Boiled beetroot was presented in a way, with goat cheese which was hard enough to be tasted. Can be skipped!


đź‘‘Pappu chicken: Chicken wings marinated in tangy tomato was something good to go. The leg pieces were succulent, juicy pieces which went well for the starters.


đź‘‘Hari Saag: A must try vegetarian dish. Yogurt fried balls in saag. The gravy was delectable. Worth the try!

IMG_20160423_132026 IMG_20160423_132033

đź‘‘Lamb Shang: Rogan Josh is what this dish is own for. The gravy was a blend of perfect spices and the mutton was well cooked, soft succulent, melts in every bite. Must try for non veggies!


đź‘‘Roasted Half Spring chicken: Grilled chicken pieces were served with mashed potatoes and veggies. The grilled chicken and veggies can go well for someone on diet. A healthy combination.


We ended the journey, on a sweet heady note.

đź‘‘Cheesecake: The dessert was the winner of the luncheon! We repeated the order again and was still craving for more. The cheesecake was soft, melts in the mouth after every bite. It was served with watermelon sorbet which was frozen and gave a perfect kick to the tongue. Win win! Must try! I am sure you cannot settle with one order.


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