Gastronomica, GK1

Gk1 residents always have their favorite restaurant for lunch, brunch and dinner. And, this one calls for Drunch! Before I go further, I must tell you that you get the real deal here as the owner takes deep interest in food tasting, new creations and wine which will make me come here time and again.


Appreciating the breadth and scope of the ambiance, the owner has played well with the interiors. The idea behind Gastronomica is about Brunch, a little more like Drunch! Dim lights, wine bottles on the wall and a story celebrating Food. They also have a terrace sitting.


Sipping sparkling wine, we perused the menu and started off with salads and some drinks. Almost all drinks at Gastronomica is filled with bright, colorful, refreshing flavors which is must needed in this hot weather.


Drinks: As they say if you are coming for Drunch, you cannot go wrong with the sparkling wine! The owner suggested a lot of wine to go with, and we followed. Unlimited Sangria’s, sparkling wine filled our table. We also tried Orange Caprioska which was filled with oranges and was very refreshing. And, that’s the whole idea about Drunch!

IMG_20160508_135255 IMG_20160508_142128 IMG_20160508_144651

We tried a variety of food from the menu, out of which we explored they have great options to go for when you are on diet and you need to eat guilt free food.

👑Quinoa Bhel: Quinoa, puffed rice, vegetables mixed well in dry tangy mango sauce. It was so light and healthy that I wolfed down the whole bowl.


👑Apple Feta: Greek feta, Apples and a lot of apples, sun-dried tomatoes, olives. A mixture of healthy goodness and a perfect way to munch when on diet!


👑Chicken Ceaser salad: If you think a little cream won’t harm, this salad can be your best friend.


👑Healthy ‘Beetroot’ Pizza: Who says, you cannot have pizza when on diet! Thin crust wheat pizza topped with beetroot, fresh oranges and roasted garlic spread, feta!Low on calories, high on fibres.


👑Chicken Dimsums: Dim sums are my fav, and getting something which taste deliciously tasty is what you need.


👑Bruschetta: Grilled bread topped with tasty and healthy topping. I tried the one with olives and apples. The flavor of olive oil, garlic and salt was just so right.


Since I was not on diet, so I gorged on some other delicacies as well.

👑Fish Fry with fries: Crispy fried fish, soft and juicy right from the first bite. Accompanied with fries.



👑Veg penne pasta: I love pasta, and this was just the perfect dish for a brunch! Tanginess in the sauce and a perfect blend of veggies played so well. Accompanied with garlic bread.


👑Chicken Samosa in Teriyaki sauce: What a fusion to the normal Indian snack! Samosa stufed with shredded chicken and topped with Teriyaki sauce. A new version of samosa.


~Wasabi Chicken sliders: Grilled chicken marinated in wasabi, onions and mayo. There was a Avery strong flavor of mustard which didn’t go well for me. Accompanied with crunchy crispy fries.


~Lamb with mashed potatoes: I like the combination of lamb with mashed potatoes. But, the lb was bland. Can be skipped!


👑 Gourmet Kulchas: Butter chicken stuffed inside a kulcha was the best thing I can ask for. Only if God had given us bigger stomachs I could have wolfed down the whole kulcha. Must must try! This was well accompanied with dal makhani and muglai raita! We cannot afford to miss this.




After hogging all this, we have to end the day on a sinful note.

👑Hot chocolate fudge: Presented in a big bowl glass filled with three scoops ice cream, nuts and chocolate syrup. Heaven!


👑Kesar Phirni: North Indian dessert delight. It was light and the perfect blend of sweetness. Must Try!



~Gulab Jamun wrapped in chocolate: The gulab Jamun was soft and the layer of chocolate melts in your mouth. It was too sweet as a dessert for me.


Unlimited Sparkling wines, beer , cocktails & Sangrias coming to your table….with and all new brekkie menu haven’t we just made your Sundays better? I am definitely coming here for Drunch!! 1499/- per head.


Ending the journey on a Green tea note! After all, I need to digest food.


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