Delifrance, DLF Cyber Hub

Delifrance is a French bakery in cyber hub next to instapizza. I went with a friend for a quick breakfast! As I stepped inside the bakery; quirky ambiance, red and white colored couch was appealing and eye catchy! As I moved around the bakery, it was spacious and well done in terms of the setup. They have these small souvenirs of Effiel Tower holding the names of food and your order number was really cute to look at.


Conversation and Camaraderie rulled the breakfast and soon we fliped through the extensive menu they have.


đź‘‘Spicy Chicken grilled sandwich: We ordered the spicy chicken grilled sandwich in the multi grain bread. The sandwich was stuffed with tender chicken pieces which were well marinated and the grilled bread was soft and crisp. The quantity they serve is enough for the breakfast. I am definitely coming here gain for the sandwiches. Must try!


~Arabiatta fusilli pasta: They pasta was light, which makes it a perfect treat for the breakfast. Tangy mixture of sauce was well done in the pasta. The bruschetta on the other hand was little dry and roughly done.


All in all, I have got one place where I can go for breakfast and will relish at the same time.
I am coming here again! Cheers.

Rating: 3.5/5

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