Carnatic Cafe, GK2

Gk2 residents always have there favorite restaurants for lunch, brunch and dinner so when I heard about Carnatic cafe marking way for South Indian food, this was not to be missed. Before I go further, I should tell you the menu is not about the selected variety but it goes beyond, which is what will draw you back to come here.

If you are a South Indian fan, this place will never disappoint you. The place is beautifully designed from the outside and they have a very decent siting as you step inside. Perusing the menu, my first order was Nariyal Pani which I am fond off. They serve you the nariyal pani in wooden base which is cold. Coming to the variety of South Indian food:


đź‘‘Paddu: I tried this dish for the first time and it tasted really good. The crunchy light fried balls made up of lentil, rava batter and onions was a perfect starter for the South Indian food. Accompanied with coconut chutneys and sambhar.


đź‘‘Set Dosa: I call it with the name of uttapam, and this is one of fav South Indian breakfast food. We ordered this set dosa from the menu and it was off the hook fresh, fluffy and very filling South Indian breakfast option. My personal favorite. Must try!


đź‘‘Rava Idli: Another winning combination in the menu. The idli was very soft and flavoursome, I can still salivate the taste. I am coming here again for this one too! Winning dish! Must try.



đź‘‘Rava onion dosa: Another winner for the luncheon was this dosa. The rava dosa taste best when the dosa is crisp and crunchy and it was a combination of both. After taking the first bite, the dosa was rolled and wolfed in no time. Must try!


đź‘‘Malleswaram dosa: If you are a fan of gunpowder (which is on a lil spicy note) this dosa sans the masala will be a treat. The filling of the dosa was done with gunpowder and ghee and the crispy outer base of dosa was prepared using white butter. A perfect combination wig sabhar. This dosa is lil on the heavy and filing side, because of the ghee and butter. But, with the try. I enjoyed every forkful of my dosa.


~Ragi Dosa: dosa prepared with ragi, was little dry and hard for me to digest. If you think you will enjoy ragi in your dosa, you can give this dosa a shot.


~Masala dosa: The original remains the original. Masala dosa or plain dosa call it. They don’t fill the dosa with the aloo masala rather give them separately. So, if you think you want to share this with a person who is not a Masala fan, a good combination and the taste for both.


~Miniature thali: Since I was so full, I didn’t get to taste the thali bit my friends who did really appreciated this meal. A full meal for one, accompanied with papad.


After all the hogging, we were so full with the South Indian food, as they are very filling at the same time and keeps you light. To relax and digest we ordered the Filter Coffee. South Indian is very famous for its filter coffee, the aromatic coffee and right forth gave this coffee a perfect happy ending to our luncheon!

IMG_20160501_123516 IMG_20160501_123648

All said, Carnatic Cafe is fast, fresh and authentic South Indian experience. I am coming here again for the love of South Indian food.


Rating: 4/5

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