California Boulevard, Sector 29

 A good afternoon spent in a relaxing atmosphere helps prevent the office blues.

The California Boulevard, sector 29 provided a refreshing and much needed recharge with an inviting spread and a glass of sangria. On a hot summer afternoon, I arrived at an elegant property of TCB, with Harley welcoming you, and then you take the view of the spacious property that the glass entrance will lead you through. One cannot miss this spacious setup nearby iffco chowk metro station.


The tables are well laid out with quite some space offering for private conversations. One end offers colorful green quirky area and the other end treats you with the sophisticated dining.


We started with the Soups and Nibblers;
👑Gazpacho Soup: Can soup beat the summer heat, the answer is yes! Chilled tomato based soup from southern Spain is a big win-win. I had this chilled soup for the first time and I enjoyed every spoonful of this chilled and healthy tangy soup. Must try!



Chicken soup: This was one was hot chicken creamy soup. The flavor of cream and chicken with well served in thick cream flavor.



Corn and cheese croquette: crispy corn and cheese nibble for the perfect snack to much on for the start with was well accompanied with mustard dressing.


Then comes the new menu salad, which emerged as a clear winner. I did not wish to fill myself with salads knowing that there were other starters, main course and then of course the desserts to follow. The salads for the lunch were:

👑Waldroff Salad: Fresh Apples, walnuts and celery well marinated in thick creamy dressing.



👑Hawaiian chicken salad: pineapple in any form is my fav! And this salad gave me a reason to experiment pineapple with chicken in creamy rich dressing.



Appreciating the beauty of the decor and the story of Harley right outside the place, we soon mulled over the starters.

👑Chicken Adana kebab: I love chicken and chicken in form of skewers wins over. This was one example, served with pita bread and dips. Turkish Arab version of chicken Arab version was a clear winner.




Lamb Brochette: The lamb was succulent and juicy well Skewered with bell peppers and capsicum.



Fried Halloumi: crumb fried cheese served with watermelon mint basil summer refreshing dressing was light air fried.



For the main course, from the new menu, we opted for the non veg main course – Chicken A La Kiev: Pound chicken breast served with melted parsley butter which pops up from the middle cut. The chicken was juicy well stuffed with parsley butter. The outer edges were light air fried, accompanied with sauted veggies.



We ended the luncheon on a sweet heady note:
👑Bombe Alaska: Three layers of ice cream and chocolate brownie cake filled inside this whipped cream beauty. It is so hard to resist! Must try!!



👑Sachre Torte: chocolate cake with thin layer of apricot jam was another sweet moment! The added Brownie point here was the cute macaron topped over this beauty. Must try!!



I know, I am coming back here again!

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