Barcelos, Sector 29

We have heard of burgers, now comes the wraps! Yes, introducing the largest chain at sector 29. Sector 29 is the new hauz khas villages with good restaurants and more good restaurants opening up! The only thing that caught up was the network issue we faced I’m the basement.

The ambience quite well spread in two floors and the open terrace area. Don’t miss the car parked when you step in the basement, grab a place there! Overall, the siting is quite spacious.

I was here to try the wraps, the newly introduced colored wraps and of course. When you are there at Barcelos you certainly cannot miss the peri peri chicken!

~Peri Peri chicken: chicken comes in as a surprise, both in form of full chicken and leg piece. I enjoyed the leg pieces!


~Veg Trichando with rice: veg trichando is a treat for vegetarians. The gravy was a perfect blend of veggies and cottage cheese, well accompanied with rice.


~Veg platter: the veg platter comprises of the veg pita, baked kebabs which wereblil bland for me. Can be improved.


Then comes the wraps! They have introduced 4 varieties of wraps:
~White: More or less presented as a kulcha
~Red: perfect color definition of spicy wrap
~Yellow: Medium spicy wrap
~Green: blend of cucumber, filled with veggies
Comes in both veg and non veg filling, stuffed with chicken, mutton for non veggies and colorful veggies, cheese and cottage cheese for veggies.

IMG_20160505_211507 IMG_20160505_211352

I tried the newly introduced drinks, which were refreshing and cool. The mocktail and fruit frozen margarita. My friends also suggested rum based paan sangria, wine sangria’s!

IMG_20160505_195719 IMG_20160505_194349 IMG_20160505_195742 IMG_20160505_194326

Some desserts , which were soft and spongy, goes well without saying.

IMG_20160505_212202 IMG_20160505_212257

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