Mukhtalif Biryani, Delivery Outlet ^ Gurgaon

A name adopted from the concept of different varieties of biryani, and they do justice with the name. They have started with mughlai biryani, awadh biryani and South Indian biryani and are very eager and excited to bring in news kids on the block by adding Chennai based biryani, and many other on there loop.

Biryani is one dish which is really hard to find in terms of the perfect taste, in terms of the quality and in terms of the art of preparing it and maintaining the authenticity.

In terms of getting these parameters checked they have three trained chefs taking care of the cloud model (delivery based). One from Lucknow who does Awadh, second from Mysore who does South Indian and third from Delhi who does Mughlai.

The owner of the model is Richa Khera and her husband Siddharth, who runs the restaurant after doing research for 7 months and now this outlet is 1.5 months and growing!

I tried the varieties (mukhtalif) today for lunch:

Dal Bukhara: Dal Bukhara requires a lot of patience in preparing this lentil made with urad dal. The dal tasted just perfect, heavy and filling bowl of dal. This dish is a must have on every vegetarians table.

Mughlai Chicken Biryani: This dish was the winner of my lunch today amongst the entire food from the order. The chicken was juicy, perfectly cooked and so were the basmati rice. The authentic mughlai spices added to the dish gave nice aroma to the Biryani. This was acconpanied with the raita ( mix veg) Must try!

Shahi Mutton: The mutton were succulent pieces cooked with blended spices and perfect marination.

Ulta tawa paranthas: the tawa paranthas were very thick but we’re very soft though. The only one thing which was there in these paranthas were the sweet flavor that they were giving on every bite. I am not sure, if this is how they are prepared?! But, for me I will not like the paranthas to be on the sweeter side, which will make my dishes taste sweet too.

Kimani Sevayyain: The dessert deserves some extra brownie points. This dish is must order for all the sweet tooth. The dish was not that sweet not less on sweet, just so accurate. The khoya and kesar used in preparing this dish stands out. Must try!

Recommendations/ suggestions:
– the oil used in preparing the dishes ( dal and mutton) were little on the high side. It can be taken into consideration
– the mix veg raita served along with the biryani: the vegetables chopped should be more tiny than what it was.

– the packing used to deliver were of fine quality
– the boxes and the plastic culinary used were presentable and again of good quality
– before I opened my box of biryani, I appreciated the packing and the presentation. Full marks on that!

I will get my biryani’s delivered from this outlet.

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