Cafe Red, Gurgoan

The place is very huge, it is good for organizing parties and get together at large scale. They have three openings to the cafe: outdoor which is more like a farm/ lawn , inside sitting which is a red colored cafe, and outdoor right next to the bar from where you can have a view outside.

The excursion started with:

Magic of pineapple: the drink was very soothing with the chunks of pineapple in it.
Greek lemon soup: the soup was more like a dal pani for me, very light and filled more with oil.

Tortinni salad: the salad was the winner for me, it was served with mini skewers of cheery tomatoes, olives, fresh salad leaves and sprouts topped with mustard and olive oil dressing.

Watermelon chicken salad: this salad was no different then the tortinni salad. The dressing was same with the only difference of grilled chicken and watermelon added in it. The grilled chicken went well with me but the watermelon was warm. Topped with a little feta.

Lavash bruschetta: the lavas were crispy crunchy topped with the filling of tomatoes, onions and olives tipped with feta. Like!

Indonesia fish petty: the dish petty was deep fried, roasted fried and served with dip. Not served well for me!

Mexican cheese melt: the burger was a big no for me. The bun was hard, the cutlet inside was bland. Not a good deal for me.

Non veg pita pockets: the non veg pita pockets was the winner for me! Pita pockets were soft from outside and the dressing stuffed inside was so juicy and full of taste. Served with hummus, the hummus was the perfect blend of chickpeas and olives, topped with olive oil.

Lasagna italiano: another winner of the day was lasagna italiano, layers and layers of cheese with perfect filling. Must try!

Tandoori mint pizza: the tandoori mint pizza was very desi wood fried pizza.

Cheers! Good going!!

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