Ardor, CP

Ardor is based in the heart of Delhi, CP N Block which is one of the oldest restaurants. It offers fine dining and lounge bar with a well placed rooftop. Also, serving hookah.


I was here for the lunch but ended up having so many starters and drinks. The ambience for the lougue was lit up with red tables and gold couch, which makes you feel like a king. The dine in area is a quirky blue color decor for fine dining. They also have the outdoor sitting arrangement to enjoy the view of Connaught place.

After observing the property of Ardor, which is always crowded with the mix crowd, young and lively. We initiated the lunch with some drinks. I started ditched the sangria this time and opted for the mocktail, Baby Bellini, which was a mixture of smooth kiwi topped with sprite. A perfect mocktail to beat the summer heat.


For the drinks, I also opted for the shakes:
👑Dark chocolate shake: This shake was thick and full of chocolate flavor. The best one!


Mint and Oreo shake: the mint and Oreo shake was very light and the flavour of mint and Oreo was missing completely.


After enjoying the drink and appreciating the beauty of Ardor, the manager informed us this place is like wedding place. People come in and enjoy to the core. I agree! The crowd and the level of enjoyment never stops here. We opted for the starters:

👑Rajma aur kache kale ki tikki: A good starter dish for the vegetarians. The tikki was light fried. It was a unique combination of rajma and kache kale.



Jack Daniel chicken: light crispy crunchy diced chicken.


Veg salt and pepper: the salt and pepper veggies includes the bell peppers, capsicum, brocolli which was light fried and marinated well in the sauce.


👑schezwan papper chicken: This dish was the winner of the starters. It was presented in a sizzler, the grilled chicken and sauted grilled veggies was the steal of the show. Must try!


IMG_20160403_132726👑Veg Pizza: The exotic veg pizza was a treat for veggitarians. I usually prefer the chicken pizza over the veg, bit after having this exotic veggies pizza, it was a veg pizza for me.



Chicken pizza: grilled chicken pieces topped with cheese spread on a thin crust base.


👑Malai Tikka: the juicy succulent pieces of chicken was a win win for the starters. Accompanies well with mint chutney.


Mutton kebabs: Roasted mutton kebabs were soft but little dry for me to have it with sheer happiness. It can be skipped.


Prawns: Butter first prawns were too hard to eat. I like my prawns which are grilled well. It can be skipped.


Do visit Ardor, to party with bunch of friends. A very lively place, rightly located at Connaught place. I am coming here for the crowd and all the fun.

Rating: 3.5/5

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