Zu Tisch, GK1

Zu tisch is an authentic German restaurant with European interiors serving German cuisine. This place is located in Gk M block part 1 market, easy to locate. The nice interiors done in the European style welcomes you to world of German cafe bar. They have two floors arrangement, one inside the cafe and the other one where we opted to dine in, at the rooftop. They also offer flavoured hookas at the bar.

The culinary excursion started with many drinks and then the started stared in.

đź‘‘Berlin Beer: A cucumber based concoction served in fish bowl, with the beer bottle turned upside down which enhanced the flavor of the drink. Must try!

Sangria: The usual sangrai , I love!

Ginger cooler: refreshing mocktail for a soothing taste.

Food: I tried a lot many starters that evening
đź‘‘ Dragon rolls: the crispy spring rolls stuffed with wok tossed veggies, accompanied with Mayo and red salsa dip. A good try for vegetarians!

Zweibel ringe: The crispy, all time munching snack was a good side option.

đź‘‘Chicken and leek skewers: this is a must try option for all the non vegetarians. Topped with teryaki sauce. They were juicy succulent chicken sheek kebabs in a skewer, German way! Must try!

Grilled mushroom spedini: spicy baked mushrooms served with salsa dip.

Lasagna rolls: the lasagna pasta came with a twist. The lasagna rolls, wrapped up in mushrooms and spinach with creamy white sauce, served with garlic bread. A good twist to the usual lasagna.

All in all a good try with the overall experience, also they served potato wedges as the side which are crispy and a change from mashed potatoes, as they say Germans love potatoes anytime and in any situation!

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